Surgical dentistry

Some oral cavity diseases require surgical treatment. Experienced surgeon dentists at the dental unit of Dobrobut clinic chain will provide the qualified treatment using surgical techniques.

The following types of surgical treatment are performed at the dental unit of Dobrobut clinic chain:

  • Tooth-preserving: cystotomy, cystectomy, root end resection.
  • Crown extension.
  • Lingual frenum plastics.
  • Frenuloplasty of the upper and the lower lip.
  • Extraction of teeth of any degree of difficulty.
  • Osteoplastic surgeries, such as indirect and direct sinus elevation, osteoplasty of a tooth socket, plastics of the crestal bone.

One of the reasons for a visit to a surgeon is growing of the third molar. As a rule, the third molars begin to grow at the age when the dentofacial apparatus and the dental arch are completely developed. This is the reason these teeth grow abnormally: at an angle, grow in the teeth nearby, and also problems with their eruption emerge. The process can cause severe pain in the area of an erupting tooth, limitations and pain when opening the mouth and swallowing, breath odor. This has an impact on the overall health. As a rule, the third molars do not have any functional load, that is why they are removed in order to release a patient from painful feelings and preserve the developed dental arch. The third molars are removed by a surgeon dentist.

Another reason to visit a surgeon dentist is the necessity to remove cysts if nonsurgical treatment has not given any results. As a rule, formed cysts do not produce any symptoms and are revealed during a scheduled preventive examination by a dental therapist. However, they should be treated as cysts are formed under the action of pathogenic organisms and can cause suppurating and abscess.


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Surgical dentistry

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