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Tooth cyst in children

A tooth cyst in a child is a fairly common dental pathology that requires urgent treatment. It is a capsule, the inner content of which consists of an inflammatory fluid or pus. The cyst occurs in response to infection and is usually localized in the apex of the tooth root. The danger of developing a tooth cyst lies in the risk of rupture of its capsule and infection in the bone tissue, which as a result may lead to a violation of the rudiments of permanent teeth or even their destruction.

There are the following types of tooth cysts:

  • follicular - formed due to infection of unerupted tooth buds;
  • radicular, which occurs due to inflammation of the gums;
  • residual, as a result of the development of infection after the extraction of a tooth and its root;
  • retromolar or wisdom tooth cyst;
  • eruption cyst, which can develop in children of infancy and primary school age when changing milk teeth to permanent ones.

The most dangerous is the follicular cyst of the tooth in children since it can be complicated by serious damage to dental tissues, the formation of fistulas, or fluxes, as well as deeper and more extensive penetration of the infection.

The reasons for the development of dental cysts of different types in children can be:

  • untreated carious process;
  • pulpitis;
  • periodontitis;
  • maxillofacial trauma;
  • injuries during complex teething.

Symptoms of tooth cysts appear, as a rule, when the formation reaches a large size. The child may experience aching pain, fever, and swelling of the cheeks and gums. If such clinical signs occur, you should contact your dentist as soon as possible.


In children, the method of choice for the treatment of tooth cysts is surgery. Based on the characteristics of the clinical case, preference is given to cystotomy or cystectomy. In a cystotomy, only the anterior wall of the cyst capsule is removed. This technique is less traumatic since it allows you to preserve the rudiments of permanent teeth when intervening on a milk tooth. Cystectomy is an operation that involves cutting the gums and completely removing a tooth cyst from a child. If the size of the cyst does not exceed 1.5 cm, then a cystectomy with resection of the apex of the dental root is performed. The operation is more traumatic than cystotomy, but it has a rather short rehabilitation period.

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Tooth cyst in children

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