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Temporary tooth implant

Removal or loss of teeth causes some discomfort, which will help prosthetics. In some cases, a long period of recovery, engraftment of implants, waiting for the filling of bone tissue is required. In such conditions, the best solution is to install temporary implants - they solve functional and aesthetic problems for a certain period, acting as a support for prosthetic elements.

What are temporary dental implants and how do they differ from permanent ones?

Temporary implants are a titanium support structure that is implanted in the bone tissue of the jaw and mimics the root of a tooth. Their diameter is about 2 mm and length - from 8 to 12 mm. Externally, the temporary implant is similar to the usual: it has a thread with a pronounced relief, like a self-tapping screw. The main difference between a temporary implant and a permanent one is its size. Due to their small size, their installation is considered the most convenient, fast, and painless. At the top cap in the shape of a ball or cylinder, which is attached to an artificial crown. The temporary support structure is screwed into the bone tissue immediately after tooth extraction, without waiting for the complete healing of the gums. Immediately, at the same time, put on top of the crown, which will perform chewing and aesthetic functions.Temporary implants serve as good support for fixing removable or partially removable dentures.

Indications for the installation of temporary dental implants:

  • the need to restore masticatory function and aesthetic appearance of the dentition;
  • in hypohydrotic ectodermal dysplasia, which provokes underdevelopment of the teeth;
  • the protective function of soft tissues in the place of installation of a permanent implant during classical implantation;
  • during orthodontic treatment of dental pathologies.

Stages of installation of temporary implants:

  • anesthesia of the area where the pin will be installed;
  • antiseptic treatment;
  • preparation of a bed by means of a thin drill;
  • screwing the implant into the prepared bed;
  • installation of an artificial crown.

Due to the small diameter of the pin, the process of screwing the implant is completely painless. Sutures are not superimposed due to low trauma. With all the appointments of the dentist, the rehabilitation period is fast and without complications.

Care for temporary implants involves thorough brushing of teeth, and special attention should be paid to the interdental spaces, where food tends to clog.

Dobrobut Dental Clinics in Kyiv is engaged in the installation of temporary and permanent dental implants at affordable prices. Our advantages are:

  • the best dentists of Ukraine;
  • use in work only qualitative materials;
  • modern diagnostic and treatment equipment;
  • a wide range of services.

To make an appointment or to clarify all your questions: cost, terms, conditions of treatment, etc. - call our call center.


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Temporary tooth implant

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