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Complete implantation of teeth

The absence of all teeth (adentia) for various reasons is quite common, especially among people over 60 years. Until recently, the only solution to this problem was removable dentures. However, this type of design has many disadvantages: they can cause discomfort, pain, abrasions, allergic reactions, they must be removed daily from the mouth to clean well. Fortunately, modern dentistry has taken a step far ahead, now all this can be avoided by resorting to full implantation of teeth. At the same time on the titanium roots implanted in a jawbone, the fixed design which protects bone fabrics from the subsequent atrophy is fixed, looks aesthetically pleasing, and will never fall out of a mouth. That is, beauty, convenience, and health benefits are guaranteed!

Doctors of Dobrobut Dental Clinic in Kyiv perform all types of complete dental implants. Why contact us?

  • We have the best implant surgeons in Ukraine.
  • In our arsenal is an advanced diagnostic complex.
  • We use only quality implants from world manufacturers.
  • All services at affordable prices.

You can find out the exact cost of services on the website or by calling our call center. Sign up now, become the owner of an attractive smile at no extra cost!

Types of implantation with complete loss of teeth

1. Complete implantation.

The technique involves the implantation of a titanium root instead of each tooth on which a temporary or permanent crown is installed. This method of implantation of teeth in their complete absence is not suitable for every patient, because the installation requires a large amount of bone tissue.

2. All-on-4 implantation.

The essence of all on 4 is the prosthesis of the dentition based on 4 implants as support elements that are implanted in the jawbone according to a special scheme: two implants are fixed in the anterior jaw, two more implants are installed in the lateral jaws, and not directly - but at an angle at 45 degrees. Inclined abutments are placed on the implants implanted at an angle, which allows fixing the denture firmly and correctly. The advantages of this technique are undeniable:

  • no need for bone grafting;
  • good engraftment and minimal risk of implant rejection;
  • possibility of installation in 1 day;
  • comfortable to wear;
  • affordable cost of treatment, etc.

3. All-on-6.

All-on-6 implantation is an improved version of All-on-4 technology. According to this protocol, titanium pins, or artificial roots of future teeth, are located on the same principle as in All-on-4. The difference is that in the distal (lateral) parts of the jawbone is added another 1 implant on each side. As a result, the number of supports increases, respectively, increases the reliability of the structure, while the functional load is distributed more evenly. In addition, it is in this way you can bypass the nerves and sinuses, which due to atrophic processes are quite close and a high risk of damage to the classic vertical arrangement of implants.

4. Mini-implantation.

Mini-implants are solid screws up to 3 mm in diameter with a ball at the end. Due to their size and design features, they are installed by puncture (transgingival or minimally invasive method), ie without injury to bone and gums, so the fixation of "removable jaws" is possible immediately, without long engraftment of artificial roots. This technique is recommended for bone deficiency and the impossibility of its recovery.

5.Installation of a beam prosthesis on implants

A beam prosthesis is an orthopedic structure made in the form of a metal beam, which serves to attach a complete removable denture that replaces the entire dentition. The procedure for installing such a structure is quite simple - all implants, which are installed on the upper or lower jaw row, are interconnected by a metal arc, which provides their stabilization and fixed position immediately after installation. The prosthesis and the beam are connected by locks.

Doctors of Dobrobut dental clinics can help you choose the most suitable type of complete dental implantation. We will study the full clinical picture, make a treatment plan and select the best options based on personal requests. Trust the health of your teeth to professionals!


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Complete implantation of teeth

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