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Turnkey implantation

Modern dental treatment technologies can save even the most neglected cases. However, there are situations when recovery is not possible. The ideal option for installing a prosthesis in place of a lost tooth, in this case, would be implantation. Installation of dental implants is a rather complicated procedure, which often involves the dentist performing additional procedures, which leads to an increase in the cost of the operation. That is why a comprehensive service is very convenient. Turnkey dental implantation is a complete set of diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical manipulations from the initial consultation with a dentist to the last stage of prosthetics. This means that the price already includes all additional services, which allows the patient to accurately calculate the entire budget and avoid unnecessary costs. The implantation program is developed for each clinical case individually, the number of implants, the positioning position in the jawbone, and the technique are determined.

Turnkey dental implantation in Dobrobut dental clinics in Kyiv includes the following list of measures:

  • Carrying out of initial consultation during which the expert inspects an oral cavity of the patient, estimates a condition of teeth, carries out diagnostics, the performance of X-rays.
  • Selection and implementation of anesthesia - is carried out individually, depending on the characteristics of the patient's body.
  • The implant and all the necessary elements for its quality installation (abutment, gum former, cap).
  • Implant surgery.
  • Making and fixing the crown on the tooth.

The cost of turnkey dental implants will largely depend on the type and brand of the selected implant, the level of complexity of the operation, the material, and the technology of manufacturing the crown structure. However, the program is very convenient, as the patient knows in advance the entire plan of work and their cost, which is calculated during the development of treatment tactics.

Dental implantation solves many problems and has its advantages:

  • allows you to restore the aesthetics and masticatory function of the dentition;
  • with proper care has an unlimited service life;
  • contributes to the even distribution of the load on the jaw;
  • prevents bone atrophy;
  • completely imitates a natural tooth both externally, and functionally - with implants it is possible not to observe any restrictions in food;
  • does not require treatment of adjacent healthy teeth;
  • retains the shape of the gums;
  • do not feel in the mouth as a foreign body, do not cause discomfort.

The pros of implantation make it the number one modern dentistry.

Why contact us?

Prices for turnkey dental implants in Ukraine differ significantly. The Dobrobut Dental Clinics offers the most advantageous balance of cost and quality. Our main advantages are:

  • Turnkey implant placement is performed by highly qualified specialists of the clinic with many years of experience in the field of implantology and prosthetics.
  • We use modern implantation methods and use orthopedic designs from the world's leading manufacturers.
  • We undertake complex and non-standard cases
  • Procedures are performed using the latest medical and diagnostic equipment
  • We guarantee a quality result.

Appointments are made directly through the clinic's website, you can also call the call center at any time of day and get all the information you need on issues related to the implantation of turnkey teeth.


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Turnkey implantation

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