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Pediatric dentistry

Healthy teeth are essential for wellbeing and health of a child. That is why it is important to teach a child to brush teeth from an early age and not to be afraid to visit a dentist. To teach a child not to be afraid, it is necessary to present him or her a dentist long before you have the need of treatment. In such a case, a visit to a doctor will not be associated with pain and will not provoke stress.

The first visit to a dentist should take place at the age of 8–12 months, when a baby has cut the first teeth. This is the age when it is necessary to inculcate a habit of brushing teeth. Brush baby's teeth twice a day, select a toothpaste according to baby’s age.

It is also important to adhere to the dietary regimen:

  • feed a child according to the schedule,
  • avoid frequent quick meals,
  • reduce the amount of fast carbs (cookies, flakes, sweet bars, pastille, candies),
  • give water, not sweetened beverages

Preventive examinations by a pediatric dentist are necessary not only to determine and eliminate the problem in due time, but also to train the habit of regular visits of a dentist.

The dentists of Dobrobut clinic chain are not only highly skilled doctors, masters of all the modern techniques of diagnostics and treatment of children’s teeth, both first dentition and permanent teeth. They will find an approach to a child of every age, will become his or her friends and assistants on the way of familiarization with the oral cavity hygiene rules. Starting from the first visit, our pediatric dentists will capture the child’s attention while playing and tell how the teeth grow, why it is necessary to brush them and how to do it correctly, and also will familiarize with all the instruments they will use for future treatment, develop the individual schedule of preventive examinations.

Caries is the most common children’s disease. It is a pathological process in a tooth that softens the tissue and provokes darkening in the affected area. The main cause of caries is the dental plaque which leads to gradual dental enamel degradation and to the disease together with other factors (dietary regimen, quality and quantity of saliva, fluoride deficiency, etc.).

Caries can show no symptoms and be unnoticed not only by the parents. Sometimes even a checkup by a doctor is not enough for determining of a diagnosis. Modern diagnostic equipment is used for early detection of dental diseases at Dobrobut clinic chain. To reveal the caries, spot filming is used. In the early stages, when enamel integrity is preserved, correction of hygiene and remineralization therapy are enough for treatment. Caries that affects enamel and dentin, requires immediate treatment.

Many parents think that the first milk teeth are not worth treatment because they will fall out soon. However,unhealthy milk teeth can cause many health problems.

For example, if a tooth is caries-affected, hurts when pressing or does not perform its masticatory function, a child will not be able to chew the food efficiently and may have digestion problems. Untreated teeth can cause gingival inflammation and also teeth curvature and disorders of occlusion formation.

Your child will be provided with the whole range of dental services without stress and pain at the pediatric dentistry unit of Dobrobut clinic chain. If necessary, our doctors will carry out treatment in the state of medication sleep to protect a child from unnecessary stress and shock. Experienced pediatric dental therapists, surgeons, orthodontists, prosthodontists and periodentists work in our clinic. Diagnostics is performed with modern high-accuracy and equipment by leading global manufacturers of dental equipment, safe for little patients. We have all the conditions for the comfort of your child, for not to associate the dentistry with pain and fear.

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Pediatric dentistry

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