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Pull out a baby tooth

As a rule, baby teeth in children fall out themselves in the process of natural change to permanent. However, there are many cases when a child needs the help of a dentist in a clinic. The removal of a baby tooth is an extreme measure that the doctor decides on. All this is due to their important role in the development of the dental system of the child: baby teeth stimulate the growth of the jaws, are the basis for the eruption of permanent units and the formation of a correct bite. Premature loss of deciduous teeth - a factor in favor of the displacement of the remaining teeth, distortion of facial features, facial expressions, the development of dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. Therefore, the decision to remove temporary teeth is made exclusively by the dentist, based on the clinical picture, according to strict medical indications. In cases where removal is unavoidable, this point should not be postponed. A sore tooth can bring a lot of negative emotions, both to the child and his family.

If your child needs to remove a temporary tooth, then at Dobrobut dental clinics in Kyiv you can do it well and at an affordable price. We try to create the most comfortable conditions for all patients, especially for the youngest. Our specialists will perform a complete examination, adjust the baby to the procedure, and are guaranteed to cure without pain and fear.

Indications for the removal of deciduous teeth are:

  • mechanical damage to the tooth, causing the child discomfort;
  • started the course of the carious process;
  • cyst formation in the area of temporary tooth growth;
  • eruption of a rooted tooth when the baby tooth does not even sway;
  • delayed resorption of the roots of deciduous teeth, which interferes with the normal eruption of the crown of a permanent tooth;
  • the presence of chronic fistula in the gums, which is not amenable to therapeutic treatment;
  • excessive tooth mobility.

There are also contraindications. These include:

  • acute infectious diseases;
  • inflammatory processes in the oral cavity;
  • the presence of diseases that affect blood clotting (coagulopathy);
  • chronic diseases in the stage of decompensation;
  • tumor or hematoma near the tooth.

How is the process of removing baby teeth

It all starts with the preparation of the child's mouth, ie antiseptic and anesthetic treatment of tissues. Temporary teeth in most cases are removed quickly and without much difficulty, so the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. In certain cases, general anesthesia may be used. When the painkiller works, the dental surgeon applies and fixes the forceps of the crown of the tooth. He makes gentle movements along the rounded axis to shake the crown. After that, the tooth is dislocated and then removed from the hole. At the end of hemostasis - stop bleeding: the doctor applies a gauze swab to the wound. It should be kept for about 20 minutes, during which time a blood clot forms, which will serve as a protective barrier against the penetration of viruses and bacteria.

Recommendations after removal

For healing after tooth extraction to be successful, you need to follow some guidelines:

  • within 2-3 hours after surgery it is not recommended to eat and drink;
  • use a soft toothbrush during rehabilitation;
  • DO NOT heat the area of the baby tooth extraction, do not apply compresses;
  • limit physical activity for several days;
  • do not injure or irritate the blood clot that forms in the hole, as it protects the wound from infection.

The Dobrobut dental clinics in Kyiv have all the conditions for surgery to remove deciduous teeth of any complexity. Our clinic employs pediatric dentists with extensive clinical experience. Diagnosis and treatment are carried out on modern equipment with the use of safe drugs, and the cost of our services is affordable compared to prices in Ukraine.

You can find out details and make an appointment for a specialist consultation by calling our call center 24/7!


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