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Children's crown

The defeat of deciduous teeth at an early age is one of the most difficult and common problems in pediatric dentistry. Destroyed by a carious process, a chipped or removed tooth can disrupt the development of permanent teeth, their displacement, and change of position in the dentition, as a result of occlusion anomalies.

For effective protection against caries of deciduous teeth in children with their severe destruction or removal, in Ukraine, children's crowns are installed - protective caps that will help not only preserve the tooth but also give it an aesthetic appearance. Stains, chips, grooves, and unattractive parts will be hidden and teeth will look beautiful. Crowns are allowed to be used in children's practice and they consist exclusively of safe materials. They do not need to be changed - they will fall out along with the temporary tooth.

Crowns for children's teeth: indications for use

  • Destruction of the surface of the masticatory teeth;
  • Broken baby tooth;
  • Development of a large carious process;
  • Absence of more than 50% of the tooth;
  • Bruxism (night gnashing of teeth);
  • Enamel damage or hypoplasia.

Contraindications for the restoration of teeth with crowns:

  • deep subgingival lesions (more than 1.5 millimeters under the gums);
  • resorption (resorption) of the root more than half;
  • the presence of an allergic reaction to the elements that are part of the prosthesis used.

Types of crowns on baby teeth

Metal prosthetic crowns (made of nickel-chromium alloy or steel) are usually used for prosthetic masticatory teeth. For children prone to allergic reactions, it is recommended to put crowns on baby teeth with gold coating. Unlike adult orthopedic dentistry, there is no impression taking - the crown is placed on the prepared tooth and then adjusted to the shape and bite. For aesthetic reasons, children's crowns on teeth made of composite material (Strip-crowns) are more suitable for the front dentition. Outwardly, they are almost indistinguishable from real teeth. Such crowns do not require turning and are installed much faster. Despite their high aesthetic appearance, they slightly lose to metal crowns in terms of strength.

Stages of installation of crowns on temporary teeth

First, the tooth is prepared, namely the removal of the affected tissues, if necessary, medical treatment and treatment of root canals, removal of plaque, the minor turning of the tooth under the crown. Next, the specialist selects the ideal shape and size of the crown. With the help of special dental cement, the prosthesis is tightly fixed to the tooth.

If the Strip-crown is established, selection of a shade of a product depending on a natural shade of enamel is carried out also. The prosthesis is filled with composite, the tooth surface is treated with special acid to improve adhesion to the crown, after which the temporary structure is placed on the tooth. Excess material is removed with a spatula. By means of a lamp illumination of composite material which accelerates the process of its hardening is carried out. Finally, the crown is ground and polished.

The term of the crown corresponds to the service life of the baby tooth. During the change of temporary teeth to permanent ones, the root is resorbed and the prosthesis falls out together with the baby tooth, which does not interfere with the natural process and does not cause the child any discomfort.

Specialists of Dobrobut dental clinics carry out high-quality reconstruction of baby tooth crowns at the best prices in Ukraine. Our advantages are:

  • highly qualified dentists with many years of experience;
  • modern diagnostic and treatment equipment;
  • use of exceptionally high-quality materials;
  • individual approach to each child;
  • quality provision of services;
  • result guarantee;
  • European level service;
  • affordable cost of services.

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Children's crown

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