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Treatment of caries in children

The most common reason for going to the dentist is caries - damage to the hard tissues of the tooth, which eventually leads to the formation of cavities and tooth decay. This disease develops equally often in children and adults. A distinctive feature of childhood caries is that it is formed on temporary, "milk" teeth. Many parents mistakenly believe that if the temporary teeth still fall out and change the roots, it makes no sense to treat them. However, this is the wrong approach, because the development of permanent teeth directly depends on the health and condition of deciduous teeth. It is important to remember that tooth decay is an infectious disease that is caused by bacteria. The enamel of temporary teeth has low mineralization, and the dentinal tubules are wider and shorter than the root. Therefore, if you do not consult a dentist in time - the disease in a short time will go from the initial stage to irreversible consequences, as a result - complications and a long period of treatment.

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Causes of caries

The appearance of caries is associated with many factors that affect the baby both in utero and after birth. Often caries of deciduous teeth occur against the background of the genetic component, complicated pregnancy, the future mother taking certain drugs.

The development of caries can also contribute to:

  • insufficient oral hygiene and improperly selected means for the care of deciduous teeth;
  • consumption of large amounts of simple carbohydrates;
  • prolonged contact with the bottle or nipples, the so-called "bottle" caries;
  • deficiency of fluoride and calcium in food.

When is it needs to see a dentist?

Effective and least traumatic treatment of caries in children is possible in the case of early diagnosis. In order not to miss the beginning of the development of the carious process and to cure it in time, without leading to complications, it is necessary to undergo a preventive examination by a dentist twice a year. You should make an appointment unscheduled if:

  • you notice the appearance of white, light, or dark brown spots in the child;
  • the child complains of pain when eating hot, cold, sour, sweet, or solid food;
  • there was a bad breath.

Methods of caries treatment in children

Methods of treatment depend on the stage of caries development: the more serious the problem, the longer it will take to correct it. The arsenal of modern dentistry involves various methods of caries treatment in children, ranging from classical fillings to techniques without the use of a drill. These include:

  • Treatment of caries with ozone is a physiotherapeutic procedure that has a disinfecting effect and destroys all pathogenic microorganisms that cause inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. The technique of ozone therapy helps to fight caries in the initial stages.
  • ICON is a modern method of treating the carious process in the early stages, in which the hard tissues of the tooth are impregnated with a special composition that has a high penetrating ability. The infiltrate "preserves" the infection, preventing its spread.
  • Air-abrasive method - involves the use of a sandblasting machine instead of a drill. The air mixture under high pressure removes the affected tissues without affecting healthy ones.
  • Laser treatment is a selective and precise effect of laser fluorescence on the damaged tooth surface. The laser has a bactericidal effect and stops the growth of cariogenic microorganisms in the oral cavity.

The classic and most reliable way to treat caries is to prepare the tooth with a drill and fill the carious cavity. Today, modern photopolymers and photo ionomeric composite filling materials are used, which allow restoring the tooth to a high aesthetic condition. Such fillings are very strong, tightly held in the tooth, not stained, and most importantly, completely safe for the child's body. It is not necessary to worry that the child will be in pain: any stomatologic procedures which are followed by painful sensations are carried out with the use of analgesics.

To prevent the development of caries, deep fluoridation and sealing of fissures are performed. During fluoridation, the surface of deciduous teeth is covered with a fluoride-containing gel, which complicates the activity of bacteria and thus stops the development of the carious process. Sealing of fissures involves sealing the grooves of the chewing surface of the teeth, which prevents the mechanical jamming of food in these areas and the development of pathogenic microorganisms. The properly performed procedure provides anti-caries protection of the child's teeth for a long time.

To make an appointment with a dentist at Dobrobut dental clinics, as well as to clarify the previous cost of caries treatment - call our call center at any time of the day. Trust the professionals!


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Treatment of caries in children

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