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Children's prosthetics

In childhood, there is a change of deciduous teeth to permanent ones. This is a natural, physiological process that usually does not require dental intervention. However, there are often cases of premature loss of teeth, removal, or destruction of more than 40% as a result of extensive carious processes or injury. It is impossible to leave a tooth gap or the destroyed deciduous tooth without attention as it can cause serious problems with the health of the dental system. In the case of loss or removal of a baby tooth, the remaining teeth in a row may begin to shift, thus affecting the permanent occlusion and development of the baby's jaws. From an aesthetic point of view, it also delivers a lot of unpleasant sensations, the child has discomfort when communicating with peers, which can later grow into complexes. In this situation, the prosthesis of deciduous teeth is shown - with the help of the prosthesis is the restoration and adjustment of the structure of the elements of the dentition. A distinctive feature of children's dentures from adults is that dentures for children do not interfere with tooth growth. They solve problems with the normalization of the function of chewing, swallowing, speech, serve as a prevention of morphological and functional disorders in the dental system, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Indications for pediatric dentures:

  • Tooth loss as a result of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, or gingivitis.
  • Removal of deciduous teeth for a year or more before the eruption of the roots.
  • Mechanical injury to the crown of the tooth.
  • Fluorosis in erosive or destructive form.
  • Congenital pathologies (primary adentia).
  • Bruxism.

Types of children's prostheses

Dentures for children are temporary or permanent, as well as removable and non-removable. Non-removable structures include:

  • Crowns - are most often used in prosthetics of children's teeth. The method is used to preserve a partially destroyed tooth. The most commonly used are classic metal crowns and composite strip-crowns - special caps made of acrylic or reflective composite. The technique is quite simple: the crown of the tooth is turned, and it is put on a cap that best fits the shape of the tooth.
  • Dental inlays are microprostheses used to protect carious teeth.
  • Pins - help to restore almost destroyed tooth. The pin is fixed inside the tooth root, a crown is installed on top of it, or a building with composite materials is performed.

Removable dentures are used for individual indications, they are usually used in the absence of a number of teeth. In this case, the removable structure will help to establish the correct location of the teeth. These include:

  • bridge prostheses;
  • plate prostheses;
  • temporary crowns;
  • Immediate - prosthesis - "butterfly".

How are children's dentures in Kyiv?

At the initial consultation, the specialist collects a complete history, interviews parents or a young patient, examines the oral cavity. Additional examination methods, such as radiography, may be prescribed. Teeth are prepared for prosthetics, it will be necessary to pre-treat oral diseases and carious processes. Impressions are taken from baby teeth, and on their basis, specialists make an individual design, which is installed on the child after fitting.

If the prosthesis requires one tooth, the procedure is usually performed in one session and takes a minimum of time. Finally, the dentist gives recommendations on the operation of the prosthesis and the frequency of replacement. The average term for which prostheses are installed is 6-8 months. Depending on individual features and a clinical picture, the term of their wearing can both decrease to 3-4 months, and increase to a year.

Specialists of Dobrobut Dental Clinic will help you to carry out reliable and high-quality prosthetics of children's teeth in Kyiv. Our advantages are:

  • use of the latest progressive methods and modern equipment;
  • service at the European level;
  • high qualification and many years of experience of our specialists;
  • individual approach to each patient;
  • prices correspond to the impeccable quality of services provided but are affordable relative to average prices in Ukraine.

Make an appointment with a dentist at Dobrobut Dental Clinic, as well as clarify all your questions: cost, conditions, terms of treatment, etc. - you can by calling the numbers of our call center or using the feedback service on the site.


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Children's prosthetics

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