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Restoration of deciduous teeth

The approach to the treatment of deciduous teeth should be carried out with the same responsibility as to the treatment of permanent ones. Most parents believe that it makes no sense to treat or restore baby teeth if they still become permanent. This is a misconception: the health of milk bite directly affects the development of permanent. Milk teeth due to their anatomical features have less strong and thin tooth enamel, so they are very prone to rapid progression of various diseases, the occurrence of traumatic injuries, which may require aesthetic restoration. This procedure is indicated when the tooth is damaged by 40%.

Restoration of deciduous teeth can be done in two ways:

  1. With the help of crowns - a kind of "caps" that accurately repeat the anatomy of the tooth. After selecting the appropriate crown, the dentist adapts it and fixes it in the oral cavity on dental cement.
  2. Composite materials (photopolymer restoration). In this case, the photopolymer corresponding to a shade of tooth enamel is selected and is put in layers on tooth fabrics. Each layer is dried separately with a lamp. Finally, the correction and grinding of the tooth are performed.

Thus restoration solves a number of problems:

  • serves to prevent changes in occlusion;
  • allows the child to chew food normally;
  • preserves the functionality of the baby tooth;
  • gives confidence in yourself and your smile.

Specialists of Dobrobut Dental Clinics will help you to restore baby teeth of any complexity in Kyiv. We use only the best materials, the latest modern technology, and all this at affordable prices. The cost of treatment depends on the chosen method of tooth restoration. Our dentists do everything to create a child's dream smile and restore the harmony of shape, proportions, contours of the teeth.


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Restoration of deciduous teeth

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