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Sealing of fissures

The development of caries can be avoided if the child is sealed in time (sealing) the fissures. The term "fissures" refers to small depressions or pits on the chewing surface of deciduous teeth. Pieces of food that are difficult to remove even by brushing your teeth are constantly stuck in these places. As a result, cariogenic bacteria multiply rapidly in these areas, under the influence of the products of which, the enamel is gradually destroyed and fissure caries develop. Accordingly, the treatment of furrows in children helps to preserve in the future the teeth that are formed based on milk. Materials used to seal fissures are called dental sealants or sealants. The composition of the sealant used includes substances that help protect against the development of carious processes - fluorine and calcium. Due to the filling of the furrows Silantiev, the chewing surface of the teeth becomes smooth and even, which allows you to carry out hygienic procedures of the oral cavity at a higher level and reduce the possibility of caries to a minimum.

When should children's teeth be sealed?

It is important to know that the sealing of the grooves can be carried out only on a healthy tooth, not disturbed by the carious process. Therefore, the main principle: the earlier - the more effective. It is best to seal the grooves in the first 6 months after teething. For deciduous teeth, the ideal sealing period is no later than 4-5 years of the child.


Sealing of fissures to children is recommended in the following cases:

  • incomplete enamel mineralization, which occurs in infants;
  • special physiological structure - thin and deep furrows, which are difficult to clean with a toothbrush;
  • increased risk of fissure caries;
  • discoloration around the grooves.

Contraindications to the method of sealing:

  1. Absolute - the presence of medium and deep caries.
  2. Relative:
  • superficial caries (possible use of invasive techniques);
  • absence of the expressed furrows and fissures;
  • intact fissures for several years after tooth eruption;
  • incomplete eruption of the masticatory surface.

Methods of sealing fissures in children

There are 2 main methods of sealing fissures in children: non-invasive and invasive. They differ in the number of required dental procedures. The decision to use a certain technique is made by a doctor based on an examination of the oral cavity.

Non-invasive - used in cases where the furrows can be visually assessed. This allows you to make sure that there is no carious process on the walls and bottom of the fissures.
Invasive sealing of fissures is used if there are narrow and deep furrows, and their walls and bottom can not be fully considered. In this case, the fissures are prepared with special fissurotomic burs. This is necessary to:

  • as accurately as possible to assess the condition of the furrows;
  • Silantiev is quite dense;
  • prevent the formation of "air pockets" between the sealant and tooth enamel.

After that, they are invasively sealed with a liquid composite.

Stages of sealing

To begin with, thorough cleaning of the tooth surface is performed. With the help of cotton rollers, the tooth is insulated to avoid getting saliva on it (the surface to be sealed must be completely dry). The next step is to apply a special gel to the tooth, which makes its surface rough. The gel is washed off with water after a couple of minutes, and the tooth surface is dried again. The sealant is then applied to the tooth and distributed over all its grooves. With the help of the light of the polymerizing lamp, the applied sealant hardens, after which the excess material is removed. At the final stage, the dentist also treats the teeth with fluoride varnish. The total duration of the procedure is about 15-20 minutes. The cost of sealing fissures in children may vary depending on the materials used and the chosen technique.

Dobrobut Dental Clinics in Kyiv invites young patients to visit the fissure sealing procedure. We offer the services of the best doctors of Ukraine, the use of certified materials from leading manufacturers, the use of modern diagnostic and treatment equipment, quality service, and affordable prices. Trust us with the health of your baby's teeth, and we will do everything to make the treatment as effective, safe, painless, and comfortable as possible!

To sign up for the procedure - call our call center 24/7 or choose a convenient time to visit directly on the site.


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Sealing of fissures

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