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Orthopedic dentistry for kids

Even children sometimes need a crown to be placed on a damaged or destroyed tooth. In case if a tooth is affected with caries for more than 50%, a dental therapist may recommend to place a crown after the treatment in order to restore a masticatory function of the tooth. It is necessary not only from the aesthetic point of view. Tooth restoration is necessary for the prevention of digestion problems, and also for the formation of the correct occlusion. At this, crowns are placed even on milk teeth, as the task of preserving dental functions for the formation of the correct occlusion is the most actual for small children.

Crowns are placed on child’s teeth in the following cases:

  • a tooth is affected with caries for more than 50%;
  • there are chips or cracks on a tooth appeared in the result of an injury;
  • cosmetic defects of anterior teeth;
  • teeth are too small (microdontia);
  • dental enamel is thinned.

As the task of a crown is to restore a habitual form of an original tooth, a child will not experience much discomfort and will get accustomed to it quickly after its placement.

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Orthopedic dentistry for kids

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