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Aesthetic medicine specializes on improving the overall appearance and shape of the body by using various procedures, technologies and interventions. Body aesthetics is based on people's perception and evaluation of their appearance, as well as the study of its impact on self-image and self-esteem.

Service prices:

Therapeutic massage of the upper limb (according to medical indications) (20 min.)570 uah
Non-invasive laser lipolysis of the chin area (SculpSure)15770 uah
Non-invasive laser lipolysis 4 applicators (SculpSure)26770 uah
Non-invasive laser lipolysis 2 applicators (SculpSure)22070 uah
Non-invasive laser lipolysis 1 applicator (SculpSure)15770 uah
Wrap "Whiskey Swaddling"2420 uah
Thermoactive wrap from STYX2530 uah
Therapeutic anti cellulite massage1120 uah
Therapeutic massage of the cervical collar zone (for medical reasons)570 uah
Therapeutic massage of hand and forearm (due to medical necessity)500 uah
Therapeutic massage of thoracic spine (due to medical necessity)570 uah
Therapeutic massage of the ankle (for medical reasons)500 uah
Therapeutic massage of head and neck (due to medical necessity) (20 minutes)570 uah
Electromagnetic myostimulation of one zone1500 uah
Therapeutic massage along the spine (25 min), (for medical reasons)880 uah
Therapeutic massage (for medical reasons) (1 massage unit, 20 min)640 uah
Therapeutic massage of the shoulder joint (the upper third of the shoulder, the shoulder joint area and the shoulder girdle of the same side), (for medical reasons).500 uah
Therapeutic massage of the lower limb (20 min), (for medical reasons)800 uah
Therapeutic massage of the upper limb, shoulder girdle and shoulder area (20 min), (for medical reasons)570 uah
Therapeutic massage (for medical reasons), (1 massage unit 10 min)330 uah
Ultrasound cavitation (thighs)580 uah
Ultrasound cavitation, 2 anatomical zones (hips and buttocks or waist and abdomen)810 uah
Ultrasound cavitation, 1 anatomical zone (abdomen, or waist, buttocks, arms)590 uah
Therapeutic honey massage1270 uah
RF lifting, face1910 uah
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Body aesthetics covers the following areas:

  • manual massage 
  • hardware techniques:
    • Sculp sure (laser lipolysis)
    • Stim sure (myostimulation)
    • RF
    • Stratosphere 
    • Ultrasonic cavitation

Services for body aesthetics at the Center of Dermatology and Cosmetology MN "Dobrobut"

Thermolifting will help with the loss of skin elasticity and tone due to age-related changes. This is an effective procedure without anesthesia, consisting of the effect of infrared light on skin collagen, which initiates a natural regeneration process. The result is smoothing of wrinkles, increased skin elasticity, elimination of skin laxity, improvement of complexion and smoothness.

RF-lifting is available at our Center for skin tightening and body shaping in case of soft and significant age-related changes. With the help of radio wave energy, certain layers of the skin are heated and, as a result, the fat layer is reduced, metabolism and blood circulation are increased, and skin regeneration is accelerated. You can remove bags under the eyes, smooth out facial wrinkles, deep nasolabial and interbrow folds.

Today, laser lipolysis (Sculp sure) is popular for correcting body contours without surgery. It is used for the abdomen, flanks, back, inner/outer thighs, and in the presence of a "second" chin. Choose the procedure to smooth the skin and get rid of extra body volume. In addition, Modula ultrasonic lipolysis can solve the problem of fat on the arms, buttocks, waist and abdomen. The procedure, which is analogous to liposuction, painlessly reduces the appearance of cellulite.

A modern effective method for physiological body sculpting is stratosphere. This is a type of hardware anti-cellulite massage that combines compression (pressure on certain areas of the skin) and vibration. The technology ensures the closest possible contact with the skin, which allows you to affect those layers that are rarely treated with fitness and diet. Vibration enhances lymphatic drainage and fat burning. In addition, it reduces the excitability of the nervous system and improves blood circulation, due to which metabolic processes in the body become more balanced.

Ultrasound cavitation also helps to get rid of fat deposits. The result of this non-surgical liposuction procedure is the destruction of the cell membrane, the transformation of fat into liquid and its natural excretion from the body.

Aesthetic procedures to tighten muscles and improve health

An effective method of influencing muscles is myostimulation (Stim sure), which allows you to increase muscle tone, strengthen the muscular corset of the back, tighten the skin on the arms and abdomen, and reduce body volume. More serious indications for myostimulation are: atonic/spastic colitis, pancreatitis, adhesive disease, myopathic paresis and paralysis, metabolic disorders.

Therapeutic massages remain an effective component of complex therapy for diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, musculoskeletal system, respiratory and digestive organs. The areas of focus are mainly the neck, back, lower back, buttocks, lower and upper extremities. The manual treatment procedures performed by professional massage therapists of our Center help to accelerate body recovery processes  after injuries, increase the elasticity of the skin and muscles.

Body care

Anti-cellulite massage and body wraps are perfect for getting rid of cellulite and body shaping. It involves the even distribution of a warming gel along the spine, on the shoulders and arms, abdomen, buttocks, legs and feet. Next, the body is wrapped with a special film. Thanks to the greenhouse effect, fat melts quickly and toxins are removed from the skin.

Do you want to improve your appearance, correct your figure, or strengthen your overall health? The Center of Dermatology and Cosmetology at MN Dobrobut Clinic employs an experienced team who will advise and perform the procedure depending on your aesthetic needs and wishes!

If you would like to find out more information about the service or make an appointment at MS Dobrobut, leave a request and our coordinator will contact you.

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Body aesthetics

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