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Service prices:

  • Therapeutic massage of the upper limb (according to medical indications) (20 min.)510 uah
  • Non-invasive laser lipolysis of the chin area (SculpSure)14330 uah
  • Non-invasive laser lipolysis 4 applicators (SculpSure)24330 uah
  • Non-invasive laser lipolysis 2 applicators (SculpSure)20060 uah
  • Non-invasive laser lipolysis 1 applicator (SculpSure)14330 uah
  • Wrap "Whiskey Swaddling"2200 uah
  • Thermoactive wrap from STYX2300 uah
  • Therapeutic anti cellulite massage1010 uah
  • Therapeutic massage of the cervical collar zone (for medical reasons)510 uah
  • Therapeutic massage of hand and forearm (due to medical necessity)450 uah
  • Therapeutic massage of thoracic spine (due to medical necessity)510 uah
  • Therapeutic massage of the ankle (for medical reasons)450 uah
  • Therapeutic massage of head and neck (due to medical necessity) (20 minutes)510 uah
  • Electromagnetic myostimulation of one zone1360 uah
  • Therapeutic massage along the spine (25 min), (for medical reasons)800 uah
  • Therapeutic massage (for medical reasons) (1 massage unit, 20 min)580 uah
  • Therapeutic massage of the shoulder joint (the upper third of the shoulder, the shoulder joint area and the shoulder girdle of the same side), (for medical reasons).450 uah
  • Therapeutic massage of the lower limb (20 min), (for medical reasons)720 uah
  • Therapeutic massage of the upper limb, shoulder girdle and shoulder area (20 min), (for medical reasons)510 uah
  • Therapeutic massage (for medical reasons), (1 massage unit 10 min)300 uah
  • Ultrasound cavitation (thighs)520 uah
  • Ultrasound cavitation, 2 anatomical zones (hips and buttocks or waist and abdomen)730 uah
  • Ultrasound cavitation, 1 anatomical zone (abdomen, or waist, buttocks, arms)530 uah
  • Therapeutic honey massage1150 uah
  • RF lifting, face1730 uah
  • Microdermabrasion, face1150 uah

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19experience (y.)
Nasonova Oksana Olehivna
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Prusakov Serhii Pavlovych

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