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Microdermabrasion is a hardware method in cosmetology based on the smallest abrasive particles. It is believed that this method of getting rid of the dead layer of the epidermis is a more advanced step after mechanical micro-peeling. Unlike acidic counterparts, cleansing is gentle, without the risk of allergic reactions with a high absorbing effect.

Effective and safe microdermabrasion of the face is carried out in the MC Dobrobut clinic using the SilkPeel 3 apparatus (USA) with a liquid dermabrasion system. This approach allows you to delicately affect even thin and sensitive skin.

Features of diamond face resurfacing

To cleanse dead cells of the epidermis and remove blackheads, the beautician uses a special apparatus with a working maniple. Within 10-15 minutes of the procedure, the handpiece with diamond microcrystals easily and painlessly releases the skin from “ballast”, stimulating the renewal processes.

The SilkPeel 3 apparatus used in the Dobrobut MC clinic accords to the dermal infusion principle. Besides exfoliating and vacuum removing skin particles, proprietary serum formulations are delivered to the handpiece to address a specific skin problem.

Microcrystals of diamonds on the tip of the device work as abrasives and sorbents, therefore the cleaning result is more effective than with conventional microdermabrasion. The beautician has a large selection of infusion serums. With SilkPeel 3, diamond face resurfacing is not much more expensive than the standard mechanical version.

What problems does the procedure solve?

Although the microdermabrasion procedure affects only the upper layers of the skin, it allows you to solve a wide range of problems. The patient does not need long-term rehabilitation, and the procedure does not take much time.

Microdermabrasion is recommended for all skin types in case of:

  • uneven skin tone and the need to get rid of pigmentation;
  • reducing turgor, the appearance of flabbiness and wrinkles of varying severity;
  • with enlarged pores;
  • when it is necessary to remove small scars and scars, the manifestation of post-acne;
  • the appearance of stretch marks due to sharp fluctuations in weight.

Microdermabrasion in Kyiv is performed for persons over 12 years old. Even a single procedure in the Dobrobut clinic gives an objectively visible result. In our case, the patient can choose additional serums at will. For example, humidification, if you have to work in an office with dry air from the air conditioner.


Since during diamond dermabrasion exposure to abrasive particles occurs, the skin must be intact, without formation of inflammation or suppuration. Otherwise, pathological processes may worsen, and the formation will spread.

The procedure will have to be postponed in the following cases:

  • the presence of sun or other types of burns;
  • dermatitis;
  • the presence of minor damage, wounds, scratches;
  • acne and pimples;
  • rosacea;
  • if the herpes virus is detected in the active phase.

The procedure is not suitable for people with diabetes mellitus, as well as for people with individual intolerance to the abrasive composition.

How is diamond face resurfacing carried out?

Unlike deeper mechanical cleaning, microdermabrasion does not require anesthesia. Patients describe the sensation as touching a rough cat’s tongue. The procedure includes preparatory, main, and final stages.

  1. Purification. The beautician uses a professional product to remove impurities and make-up residues from the client’s skin, to soften the skin.
  2. Using a handpiece with a rotating tip, the doctor brushes off the surface layer of dead cells of the epidermis. The work takes place along the lines.
  3. Moisturizing and protecting. Besides infusion serums, a mask applies to the treated area, which will soothe and quickly restore the skin.

Using parallel non-injection mesotherapy allows you to inject preparations with vitamins and acids directly into the dermis. The procedure can be performed on any part of the body. Most often, microdermabrasion is used on the face, neck, arms, back, and neckline.

Care after the procedure

Immediately after the procedure, the skin becomes smooth and soft. This sensation lasts for several days. Diamond peeling triggers natural renewal processes by activating the regeneration of collagen fibers. In this case, the skin receives microtrauma and becomes vulnerable to UV rays and bacteria. Therefore, we advise you to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Avoid washing your face for 7-8 hours after visiting a beautician.
  2. When going outside, be sure to use at least an SPF 50 sunscreen, even if it’s cloudy outside. Otherwise, you can get active pigmentation.
  3. Give up makeup for 14 days. In the first days after the procedure, choose products for sensitive skin without alcohol.
  4. Reduce the intensity of your workouts at the gym. Do not go to the sauna until your skin is fully restored.
  5. Try to avoid touching your face unnecessarily.

Despite the low invasiveness of the procedure, the skin still needs a rest period. Use moisturizers with a more oily base than usual for care.

Advantages of contacting the clinic MC “Dobrobut”

Despite all the advantages, infusion microdermabrasion is not yet widely used. We have a modern, proven apparatus with certified serums. Our cosmetologists have undergone special training to effectively provide the service.

  • We use professional equipment at an expert level.
  • Each cosmetologist has the extensive practical experience and the highest qualification category.
  • The patient receives the service in a comfortable environment at a convenient time.
  • A specialist individually selects methods and means for carrying out cosmetology services.
  • All techniques are safe without long-term recovery.
  • The cost of hardware cosmetology is one of the most democratic in Kyiv.

To get a consultation with a specialist from Dobrobut MC, you just need to call or fill out a callback form on the website.

We offer our patients modern methods of solving dermatological problems and aesthetic nuances. You will get the result quickly, painlessly, with a prolonged effect.

Beauty no longer requires sacrifice. We know how to make you attractive and healthy without interrupting your daily tasks. The specialists of our clinics work for you every day!


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