Nasonova Oksana Olehivna

Nasonova Oksana Olehivna

19experience (y.)
The Doctor Doctor takes in clinic:
Nearest pickup time: Завтра о 13:30

The Doctor provides the following services:

Modula lipolisys (buttocks)
700 uah
Therapeutic honey massage
1150 uah
RF lifting, abdomen, thighs, hands and buttocks
4740 uah
RF lifting, hands
1380 uah
RF lifting, buttocks
1510 uah
RF lifting, thighs
2170 uah
RF lifting, thighs and buttocks
3730 uah
RF lifting, face
1730 uah
RF lifting, face and neck
2170 uah
RF lifting, face, neck and decollete
2580 uah
Electromagnetic myostimulation of one zone
1360 uah
Modula lipolisys (hands)
700 uah
RF lifting, abdomen, thighs and hands
4080 uah
Modula lipolisys (thighs and buttocks)
1050 uah
Modula lipolisys (waist-sides)
700 uah
Modula lipolisys (waist and abdomen)
1050 uah
General therapeutic lymphatic massage (50 minutes) (due to medical necessity)
1730 uah
Therapeutic massage of back (lumbosacral spine) (20 minutes) (due to medical necessity)
720 uah
Therapeutic massage of the cervico-thoracic spine (for medical reasons)
670 uah
Wrap "Whiskey Swaddling"
2200 uah
Stratosphere therapy (without cost of single-se suit)
1840 uah
Ultrasound cavitation, 1 anatomical zone (abdomen, or waist, buttocks, arms)
530 uah
Ultrasound cavitation, 2 anatomical zones (hips and buttocks or waist and abdomen)
730 uah
Ultrasound cavitation (thighs)
520 uah
Therapeutic massage of the knee joint (for medical reasons)
450 uah
Thermoactive wrap from STYX
2300 uah
Therapeutic anti cellulite massage
1010 uah
Therapeutic massage (for medical reasons), (1 massage unit 10 min)
300 uah
Therapeutic massage of the upper limb (according to medical indications) (20 min.)
510 uah
Therapeutic massage of the upper limb, shoulder girdle and shoulder area (20 min), (for medical reasons)
510 uah
Therapeutic massage along the spine (25 min), (for medical reasons)
800 uah
Therapeutic massage of the ankle (for medical reasons)
450 uah
Therapeutic massage of thoracic spine (due to medical necessity)
510 uah
Therapeutic massage of thoracic cage (anterior surface) (due to medical necessity) (15 min)
450 uah
Therapeutic massage of hand and forearm (due to medical necessity)
450 uah
RF lifting, abdomen and thighs
3010 uah
Therapeutic massage of elbow joint (upper third of forearm, elbow joint area and lower third of shoulder) (due to medical necessity)
450 uah
Therapeutic massage of the lower limb (20 min), (for medical reasons)
720 uah
Therapeutic massage of the lower limb and lower back (for medical reasons)
720 uah
Therapeutic massage of the shoulder joint (the upper third of the shoulder, the shoulder joint area and the shoulder girdle of the same side), (for medical reasons).
450 uah
Therapeutic massage of the lumbosacral spine (20 min), (for medical reasons)
510 uah
Therapeutic massage of foot and shin (20 minutes) (due to medical necessity)
450 uah
Therapeutic massage of hip joint (due to medical necessity)
450 uah
Therapeutic massage of the cervical collar zone (for medical reasons)
510 uah
General massage (according to medical indications) (60 minutes)
1450 uah
RF lifting, inner thighs
1210 uah
RF lifting, abdomen
1730 uah
Information about the doctor Nasonova Oksana Olehivna

Work experience: 19 years

Category: Higher


  • 1988-1993: National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine, health and physical education specialist;
  • 2016-2018: Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine", specialty "Physical rehabilitation"

Membership in associations, societies; attending conferences, thematic improvement courses:

  • seminars: Osteopathic techniques for massage therapists; Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy; Non-contact massage techniques;
  • SPA procedure lecture;
  • professional development: Reception of non-contact massage; Therapeutic, anti-cellulite massage; Workshop on biodynamics;
  • courses: Thai massage techniques; on biodynamics and osteopathy; massage and gymnastics for babies; "Stone therapy"; "STYX professional line for figure correction";
  • training courses for working on ICOONE devices; "Endosphere", for myostimulation Vip-Line, LPG Cellu M6 Endermolab; Coolsculpting by Zeltig; Zimmer Z Field Dual - electromagnetic stimulation.

Areas of professional development:

  • work experience in a cosmetology center and a clinic of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • classic massage methods: classic, therapeutic, sports, anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage, relaxing;
  • I have Turkish, Thai, Creole massages and author's techniques;
  • all types of wraps and SPA procedures;
  • stone therapy;
  • electromagnetic muscle stimulation on the CynoSure device;
  • compression microvibration on the Stratosphere apparatus;
  • cavitation liposuction on the Wavemed Modula device;
  • RF-lifting on the Wavemed Modula device;
  • non-invasive laser lipolysis on the SculpSure device.

Doctor's advice:

  • "Take care of your health, undergo regular medical examinations and follow the recommendations of specialists."

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