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Pediatric orthodontic dentistry

Pediatric orthodontist

From the moment of an eruption of the first baby teeth, it is necessary to monitor their location and condition. Improper occlusion and uneven teeth are not only a matter of aesthetics but also a serious threat to the child's health. Many parents believe that it makes no sense to straighten baby teeth because they then still change to permanent. However, this is the wrong approach, because a milk bite creates the basis for permanent growth, and with timely adjustment of the development of the jaw bones or teeth, serious problems can be avoided at an older age. Attentive parents, noticing any suspicion of occlusion - will take the baby for a consultation with a pediatric orthodontist.

The doctor specializes in:

  • diagnosis and prevention of anomalies of the child's dental system;
  • normalization of occlusion;
  • elimination of deformation of the dentition.

Dobrobut Dental Clinic offers the most popular and modern pediatric orthodontics services in Kyiv. Our specialists use the most effective and comfortable designs to form the correct bite of the child. All procedures take place in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, so even the youngest children quickly come into contact with a doctor and are happy to come to the clinic for the next receptions.

When should you seek help from a pediatric orthodontist?

The first scheduled consultation should take place at the age of 2-3 years, with the appearance of several deciduous teeth. The second scheduled visit should take place in 5-6 years when the replacement of deciduous teeth with permanent ones begins. Next, you need to visit a pediatric orthodontist annually - this will help monitor the proper development of the dental system.

Unscheduled should consult an orthodontist if you have the following symptoms:

  • teething in unusual places;
  • uneven growth of teeth, their deformation;
  • incomplete closure of the upper and lower jaw;
  • wide interdental spaces;
  • problems with chewing, swallowing food;
  • bruxism - gnashing of teeth;
  • constant sucking of a finger, nipples;
  • constant mouth breathing;
  • facial asymmetry in the jaws;
  • speech defects;
  • one parent has a history of occlusion defect.

Also, the reason to visit a pediatric orthodontist is the premature removal of a baby tooth - the formed interdental space can cause curvature of the row.

How is a reception at a pediatric orthodontist?

At the initial appointment, the doctor carefully collects the anamnesis, interviews the parents or the little patient, finds out the possible causes of occlusion problems. Then the specialist proceeds to a visual inspection: checks the degree of development of oral tissues evaluates the symmetry of the dentition, the work of the masticatory apparatus. If necessary, additional studies are prescribed, for example, orthopantomogram (circular image) of the dental system, computed tomography, etc. Based on the results of the examination, an individual treatment plan is drawn up and its price is agreed with the baby's parents.

What treatments are used in pediatric orthodontics?

In modern orthodontics, there are 3 main ways to correct the bite for children: plates, caps, and braces. Plates and caps are removable orthodontic structures, they are mainly used at the age of 6 to 12 years. The essence of their action is to put pressure on the growth zones, stimulate the proper development of the jaws. They should be worn for at least 12 hours a day, so an important task for parents is to constantly monitor the implementation of medical recommendations by the child.

From 12-14 years, when all deciduous teeth have completely changed to permanent, braces are used. Today, braces can be selected according to individual requirements for aesthetics, speed, and cost of treatment, so these orthodontic appliances will not cause the child any discomfort and will help create a beautiful and healthy smile.

Dobrobut Dental Clinic in Kyiv invites young patients and their parents for a consultation with a pediatric orthodontist. Our dentists - the best specialists in Ukraine, will be able to find an approach to any child and most effectively solve the problems of occlusion and uneven teeth.


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Pediatric orthodontic dentistry

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