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Rehabilitation for children

The concept of rehabilitation implies a set of methods and techniques, with which we can help children and their parents to organize their daily life in order to achieve jointly set goals aimed at improving the quality of life in environment.

Rehabilitation in the Dobrobut Medical Network is carried out in close tandem-partnership “specialist-child-parents”.

When rehabilitation is needed

The specialists of our Сenter carry out physical rehabilitation of children with the following disabilities:

  • delayed stato-motor development;
  • movement disorders that appeared as a result of injury of the central nervous system (cerebral palsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury, infectious diseases, etc.);
  • movement disorders caused by genetic diseases and syndromes;
  • movement disorders in spinal muscular atrophy;
  • orthopedic diseases, namely, i.e. scoliosis, deformity of the feet and the like;
  • postoperative recovery.

Each rehabilitation program is a set of measures aimed at restoring body functions. The program for each child is individually developed considering the peculiarities of a particular diagnosis and associated disorders.

Rehabilitation methods

Experienced rehabilitation therapists of the Dobrobut Medical Network up-to-date and time proved methods and techniques that are effective and efficient, in particular:

  1. Kinesitherapy:
    1. physiotherapy;
    2. dynamic proprioceptive correction using the Gravistat reflex-loading suit;
    3. active-passive gymnastics;
    4. development of joints;
    5. treatment by position;
    6. kinesio taping;
  2. Massage (therapeutic, reflex, relaxation);
  3. Mechanotherapy;
  4. Sensory-motor therapy;
  5. Ergotherapy.

Dobrobut Medical Network strengths

  • each rehabilitation program is being developed individually;
  • rehabilitation therapists of the Dobrobut Medical Network work in close contact with other specialists (neurologist, pediatrician, orthopedic traumatologist, surgeon, psychologist, etc.) and collectively develop the individual rehabilitation plan;
  • our specialists know how to establish contact with a child, and also to establish a tandem-partnership “specialist-child-parents” for more effective rehabilitation;
  • the availability of modern rehabilitation equipment makes it possible to implement the more effective program to restore the functions of a child’s motor activity.

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Rehabilitation for children

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Doctors Rehabilitation for children:
14experience (y.)
Kushnei Roman Bohdanovych
Kushnei Roman Bohdanovych
Children's masseur; Masseur; Rehabilitation specialist
10experience (y.)
Popov Denys Oleksandrovych
Popov Denys Oleksandrovych
Rehabilitation specialist