State program for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities

State program for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities

"Pediatrics of Special Development" Center offers the complex program for the rehabilitation within the framework of the state program for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities in compliance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 309 as of 03/27/2019 "On the rehabilitation of children with disabilities".

To participate in the state program, at Dobrobut Center, it is necessary to apply to the Social Insurance Fund at the place of residence and provide the necessary documents and to choose our facility from the list (No. 46) as the one your child will undergo the rehabilitation at.

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High-level specialists work at "Pediatrics of Special Development” Center with children with the following disabilities:

  • with motor disturbances due to central nervous system afflictions (ICP, stroke, traumatic brain injuries, infectious diseases);
  • with motor disturbances due to genetic diseases;
  • with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, Down syndrome.

Everything necessary is provided at the center for rehabilitation activities.

The following methods of physical rehabilitation are applied:

  • kinesitherapy (physical therapy, dynamic proprioceptive correction);
  • massage;
  • mechanotherapy;
  • sensory-motor therapy;
  • ergotherapy.

Psychological aid for children includes as follows:

  • Early Start Denver Model;
  • floortime;
  • sensory integration;
  • ABA therapy elements;
  • development of mental functions: memory, thinking, attention;
  • cognitive behavioral therapy.

Logopedic sessions include:

  • speech development (PECS)
  • speech therapy massage, etc.

The rehabilitation program is designed individually for every child in compliance with the International functioning classification (IFC). We apply the complex approach in the partnership of the specialist, the child, the parents.

The program is developed collectively by a team of specialists consisting of specialized psychologist, speech therapist and special needs expert, education specialist. The child gets consultations of neurologist, orthopedic traumatologist, dytynolog, psychiatrist if necessary. The number of hours and lessons with each of the specialists is prescribed on an individual basis and depends on the tasks of rehabilitation.

We are happy to help your children!

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Doctors who advise on this issue:
12experience (y.)
Vlasenko Yaroslav Yuriiovych
Vlasenko Yaroslav Yuriiovych
A general practitioner is a family doctor; Physician
8experience (y.)
Haliant Kateryna Dmytrivna
Haliant Kateryna Dmytrivna
Special psychologist; Child psychologist
29experience (y.)
Hrabova Alla Anatoliivna
Hrabova Alla Anatoliivna
Pediatric ophthalmologist
25experience (y.)
Druzhyna Olena Vadymivna
Druzhyna Olena Vadymivna
Pediatrician; Allergist; Pediatric allergist

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