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Washing the lacunae of the tonsils

Washing the tonsils - one of the most common and effective methods of prevention of exacerbations of chronic inflammation of the tonsils, which allows you to remove caseous masses (plugs) from the tonsils. The procedure helps to achieve the maximum possible long-term remission of the disease in a particular patient and reduces the risk of recurrence.

Why do you need gaps?

Gaps - physiological depressions in the tonsils, which allow a small amount of immune organ, to provide a larger area of interaction of immune tissue with pathogens. In this tissue mature lymphocytes (key protective cells of the body's immune system) provide the necessary, adequate functioning of the immune system of a particular patient. Recall that the tonsils are the only organ in the human body that is in a state of physiological inflammation. In a healthy person, the gaps are self-cleaning.

Why wash the gaps in the tonsils?

The main goals that are achieved by washing the lacunae of the tonsils:

  • reduction of bad breath (washed out pathological caseous masses from the lacunae);
  • reduction of symptoms, including sore throat;
  • reducing the number of cases of exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis in a patient during the year;
  • prevention of complicated chronic tonsillitis.

When is it contraindicated to wash the tonsils?

It is possible to wash lacunae of tonsils in the absence of such diseases:

  • malignant neoplasms;
  • acute infectious diseases in which the patient has a significant fever;
  • hypertension;
  • pregnancy (up to 3 months and after 7 months);
  • hyperthermia of uncertain genesis;
  • tuberculosis;
  • mental disorders.

Also as a conditional contraindication, doctors consider the patient's increased vomiting reflex. In such a situation, irrigation of the pharynx with a solution of local anesthetic (10% lidocaine) helps to alleviate the condition.

What types of lavage of the tonsils are there?

Specialists perform the procedure in different ways:

  • Washing the tonsils with a syringe.
    In the 20-gram syringe, the district with individual structure is typed, taking into account indications. Instead of a needle, put on a special nozzle in the form of a thin tube with a curved blunt end, so that the solution falls directly into the gap and rinsing it.
  • Vacuum method of washing the tonsils.
    The entire area of the tonsils is put on a vacuum nozzle, with which there is a simultaneous supply of the solution under pressure and pumps out caseous masses.

How is the procedure performed?

In preparation for this procedure, you should refrain from eating 2-4 hours before visiting the doctor. This is due to the fact that flushing provokes a gag reflex.
After washing the tonsils are treated with local antiseptics. The course of treatment averages 5-10 procedures. In each case, their number and frequency are determined by the attending otolaryngologist.

What are the recommendations after the procedure?

Washing the lacunae of the tonsils is a physical effect on the tonsil tissue, so after cleansing, there may be unpleasant sensations and mild pain. You can not eat immediately after the procedure, the first meal no earlier than 30 minutes. To maintain the effect, the patient is recommended to regularly visit an otolaryngologist and undergo treatment 1-2 times a year.

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Washing the lacunae of the tonsils

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