Ultrasound of mammary glands: useful and important information for women

Ultrasound of mammary glands: useful and important information for women

Ultrasound of mammary glands is an innovative diagnostic technique that allows a doctor to assess the organ tissue structure and to reveal pathological changes at early stages of their development. The advantages of this technique are no need of a special preparation, painlessness and safety. Ultrasound is used both as a separate technique and as a part of a complex diagnostics. It is worth mentioning that the price of the ultrasound of mammary glands is affordable for the majority of patients.

The examination is totally harmless (it is prescribed for pregnant women and lactating mothers) and can be performed at any age.

As previously noted, the examination does not require any special preparation. The only condition for obtaining the most accurate results is the choice of the day to perform an ultrasound. As practice shows, it is better to undergo the ultrasound examination in the first half of the cycle, before an ovulation. It is the best way to do an ultrasound of mammary glands within the period from the fifth to the twelfth day if the cycle lasts 28 days. If the cycle lasts longer, the best period is from the seventh to the fourteenth day. Sometimes a doctor can discontinue the administration of hormonal agents and to advise when it is the best time to perform an ultrasound of mammary glands in this case.


The examination can be performed on any day during menopause, pregnancy and lactation. The examination is prescribed in an urgent order in case of breast tenderness accompanied with the elevation of body temperature.

The examination is performed in the ultrasound diagnostics room. The procedure lasts of about 20 minutes. Let us remind that the examination is painless. You may feel discomfort only in case of inflammations in mammary glands. During the examination a doctor checks up not only the breast itself, but also underarm, anterior chest, infraclavicular and supraclavicular regions. Additional Doppler examination (the examination of the blood flow nature in the organ) can be performed if necessary.

An ultrasound specialist writes and signs a conclusion after the reading of the data and passes it to a mammologist. The latter will answer all the patient's questions and give all the necessary recommendations.

You do not have to choose between this two examinations, as they are not interchangeable, but intercomplementary diagnostic techniques. For example, mammography helps to determine the state of the mammary gland tissue, however, it does not reveal the presence of formations located near the thoracic wall. Ultrasound examination will help to monitor the dynamics and to check the state of lymph nodes.

Many district hospitals and polyclinics have ultrasound devices. You can also visit medical centers. In the last case, you will get a consultations by a doctor who will answer all your questions after the examination. The examination is performed by previous appointment which saves your time. Besides, a doctor will give the advice on the day of the cycle to perform an ultrasound of mammary glands before the examination and will choose the best time for diagnostics.

Article author: Nataliia Zhyla

Publication date: 21.12.2020

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