Testing by PCR

Testing by PCR

Dobrobut Medical Network — is the first in Ukraine network of private clinics with a full range of medical services for children and adults. 16 clinics of the network are conveniently located in Kyiv.

In view of COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine, and in the whole world, Dobrobut offers testing by PCR (polymerase chain reaction).

Testing can be done on the left bank of Kyiv at Dobrobut Medical Center on Poznyaky (12A M. Bazhana avenue), and on the right bank at any Dobrobut center.

1. Can «Dobrobut» Medical Network perform Covid 19 express test, testing by PCR or ELISA methods? What is the cost?

Sure, it is possible to take all these diagnostics in «Dobrobut» Medical Network. The cost of an express test for Covid -19 is 585 UAH incl. blood collection. It is important to note that according to the instructions the express test is effective from the 6th till the 9th day of the disease. Despite the absence of pronounced symptoms (ecnreased body temperature, breathing problems) or certain data regarding the time of the contact with an infected person, the patient might have negative Covid-19 express test result, but already be infected.

The cost of detecting RNA of COVID-19 by PCR method is 1825 UAH incl. material collection. A consultation with a family doctor is mandatory before this testing and costs 640 UAH./person (the cost of on-site diagnostics depends on the number of people).

ELISA testing (enzyme immunoassay) shows the presence of antibodies and immunity to coronavirus infection. The most common methods for diagnosing infections are tests for identification of IgG antibodies (IgG shows persistent immunity to infection). The cost of such test is 985 UAH. incl. blood collection. A consultation with a family doctor is also mundatory before ELISA testing and costs 640 UAH./person (the cost of on-site diagnostics depends on the number of people).

2. Can I pay by a bank transfer / cash?

Yes, it is possible to pay via bank transfer or in cash/by card at the date of the services.

3. What format: in the clinic, in the office or at the patient’s home?

The diagnostics can be provided at the clinic and at the client`s location (at the company’s office or at the patient’s home).

4. How can I make an appointment at the clinic/ order diagnostics to my place?

Depends on the chosen format of cooperation. If at the clinic, please book an appointment by calling +38(097/044)-495-2-888 ( please name a legal entity who will pay for diagnostics and the name of the company) or order a call back and our presponsable specialist will contact you as soon as possible to book a convenient time and date.

If this will be an office visit or home visit: please provide our coordinator with full name of the patients, dates of births, your address, your contact person and the preferred date. Our logistician will contact you shortly to сonfirm the time.

5. How long does it take to get the result?

The express test will be ready in 30 min or less, results by PCR and ELISA methods – up to 48 hours (2 days).

6. What to do if the patient has a positive result?

In any case, until the results are obtained, a doctor recommends all employees to remain in self-isolation. In case of a positive result, the patient should remain on self-isolation, be treated according to the doctor’s recommendations and take a follow-up test in 14 days.

The information about a positive result is also transmitted to the SES of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. SES has the right to close the office where the coronavirus infection has been detected.

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Havryliuk Iryna Oleksandrivna
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Kolomai Nataliia Valeriivna
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Labunets Roman Vitaliiovych
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