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Removal of foot wart

Many people experience discomfort for years and do not suspect that it is possible to remove plantar warts quickly and painlessly, if you contact a specialist in time. Doctors of MS "Dobrobut" clinics to solve this problem use a modern podologic device with many functions, which allows not only to get rid of the growth, but also to conduct a medical pedicure. After visiting the doctor, you will be able to enjoy the aesthetic appearance of your feet and nails, and forget about discomfort forever.

Service prices:

Podiatrist consultation1260 uah
Removal of wart from foot400 uah
Cryodestruction with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy apparatus Cryo Pro) * removal of viral wart, 5-8 mm in size870 uah
Radio wave removal of plantar wart (1 item) (anaesthesia cost excluded)1610 uah
Cryodestruction with liquid nitrogen (cryodestructor Cryo Pro) * removal of viral wart, more than 8 mm in size1610 uah
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Removal of foot wart

Features of the procedure

Removal of plantar warts in Kyiv is performed mechanically using a podology device. We use the Podolog Nova 3S device, a universal pedicure device equipped with various attachments and drill bits. It allows you to gradually remove pathological tissue without damaging healthy skin.



  • removal of plantar warts by the hardware method has no contraindications, suitable for children, patients with chronic diseases, and allergies to anesthetics;
  • You will not feel pain and discomfort during the session;
  • the procedure does not require surgical intervention, tissue incisions and other traumatic manipulations;
  • the doctor clearly controls the depth and area of influence of the hardware nozzles, so there will be no complications and adverse reactions.

What problems does wart removal on the sole solve?

It is recommended to make an appointment for the procedure in case of

  • dissatisfaction with the unaesthetic appearance of the feet;
  • bleeding or suppuration of warts;
  • pain while walking;
  • growth of neoplasms, damage to a large surface of the foot;
  • Difficulty in choosing shoes;
  • shyness when wearing open shoes, visiting the beach or swimming pool.


There are no absolute restrictions. If a person has a high fever or other signs of an acute infectious disease, it is recommended to postpone the removal of a wart on the foot until recovery.

The procedure does not require any special preparation. Contraindications are allergies to the drugs used.

Do not try to remove plantar warts on your own! With home treatment, there is a risk of skin injury, suppuration, or bleeding. Please contact the competent floor clinics of MM Dobrobut, who will be able to solve your problem quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

Preparation for the procedure

The patient does not need special preparation. If you want to remove a wart on the foot, it is enough to come to the floor and tell about your problem.

Before visiting the clinic, it is recommended to carry out standard hygienic procedures for the feet. For women who have a pedicure with gel polish, it is advisable to remove the polish before visiting a doctor.

How is the removal of warts on the foot performed?

First, the doctor examines the surface of the soles, determines the presence and depth of warts, finds out whether there are other medical and aesthetic problems of the feet (corns, calluses, ingrown nails). Then the podiatrist treats the skin with an antiseptic and, if necessary, applies special emollients. Using a pedicure device, the doctor carefully cuts off the wart tissue, performs antiseptic treatment again, and seals the removal site with a plaster.

If necessary, the doctor can combine the removal of heel warts with the treatment of rough skin, medical pedicure of nail plates.

For the treatment of large neoplasms, the podiatrist needs several sessions, the doctor will tell you more during the initial consultation. The price of plantar warts removal depends on their number, the complexity of the work, and the number of procedures that will be required to completely remove pathological growths.

Removal of warts at the Dobrobut Center for Dermatology and Cosmetology includes

  • disinfection of the foot;
  • application of propolis to soften the wart;
  • cutting off the wart at the edges until it turns pink;
  • application of capillary with propolis and taping;
  • unloading with a plaster.

Post-procedure care

For the skin to heal quickly after wart removal, you should follow these recommendations

  • do not wet the wound in the first few days;
  • use a plaster to prevent contamination or injury to the tissues;
  • use therapeutic foot cosmetics prescribed by a doctor;
  • try to put as little weight on the feet as possible until the wound is completely healed - limit long walks and standing if it causes discomfort;
  • choose shoes made of natural materials with comfortable orthopedic insoles.

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If you would like to find out more information about the service or make an appointment at MS Dobrobut, leave a request and our coordinator will contact you.

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Removal of foot wart

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    The foot is the part of the human body carrying the greatest load when walking, and very often it is traumatized. Therefore, regular foot hygiene is not enough to maintain a healthy foot.

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