Yevdokymenko Alona Oleksandrivna

Yevdokymenko Alona Oleksandrivna

Physician-Cosmetologist; Medical Intern
2experience (y.)

The Doctor provides the following services:

PRP therapy in dermatology (aesthetic medicine) (1 procedure)
3390 uah
Mesotherapy Hair Loss control
2030 uah
Mesotherapy Hair Vital
1730 uah
Mesotherapy of the scalp Meso Genesis
4410 uah
Mesotherapy of hairy part of the head
1560 uah
Mechanical (or radio wave) removal of molluscum epitheliale (anaesthesia cost excluded), 1–5 formations (price per item)
360 uah
Sensi Peel (PCA) Sensi Peel (PCA) for sensitive skin
2580 uah
Jessner peel without hydroquinone, basic (РСА)
2450 uah
Jessner peel with Hydroquinone and Resorcinol (PCA)
2780 uah
Skin‐lightening Jessner peel with hydroquinone (PCA)
2660 uah
2800 uah
Treatment of hyperhidrosis
16890 uah
PRP therapy in trichology
1790 uah
Polynucleotides (1 syringe) Rejuran Hb plus
5880 uah
Polynucleotides (1 syringe) Rejuran Healer
7960 uah
Polynucleotides (1 syringe) Rejuran I
4590 uah
Polynucleotides (1 syringe) Rejuran S
4590 uah
Polynucleotides (1 syringe) TwAc 2.0
9320 uah
Polynucleotides (1 syringe) TwAc 3.0
10320 uah
Polynucleotides (1 syringe) TwAc eyes
5280 uah
Filler-revitalizant Dr. CYJ (1 syringe)
6210 uah
Vacuum hydropilling (face)
2200 uah
Application anesthesia
880 uah
Biorevitalization (1 syringe) Juvederm Volite
10880 uah
Biorevitalization (1 syringe) MESOEYE C71
7880 uah
Biorevitalization (1 syringe) Meso-Wharton P199
7880 uah
Biorevitalization (1 syringe) Meso-Xanthin F199
7880 uah
Biorevitalization (1 syringe) Teosyal Redensity (I) 1 ml
8020 uah
Biorevitalization (1 syringe) Teosyal Redensity (I) 3 ml
15750 uah
Botulinum toxin therapy Botox (1 item)
250 uah
Botulinum toxin therapy Dysport (1 item)
100 uah
Botulinum therapy Neuronox (neuronox) (1 unit)
170 uah
Hardware skin diagnostics
700 uah
Vacuum hydropilling (face, neck and decollete)
2450 uah
Removal of spider naevus up to 1 cm in diameter (BBL phototherapy)
460 uah
(РСА) PCA Skin Detox Pore Treatment
1510 uah
Comedone extraction (hardware and mechanical facial cleansing)
1600 uah
Comedone extraction (hardware facial cleansing)
1230 uah
Comedone extraction (mechanical facial cleansing)
1360 uah
Zonal multiinjections (mesotherapy)
600 uah
Complex service "Beauty Forecast"
2590 uah
ASCE Plus SRLV exosomes (for facial skin)
9000 uah
Information about the doctor Yevdokymenko Alona Oleksandrivna

Work experience: 2 years


  • Zaporizhzhia State Medical University

Membership in associations, societies; attending conferences, thematic improvement courses:

  • congresses "Kyiv Dermatological Days";
  • event "Ukrainian Dermatolo Forum" (Complex Dermatology);
  • national conference "Dermaschool. Practice" national conference;
  • seminar "PRO DERMA: on the border of specialties".

Priority areas in clinical practice:

  • aesthetic cosmetology;
  • injection cosmetology;
  • dermatology.

Doctor's advice:

  • "Don't delay your visit to the doctor. Health always comes first. A timely consultation will help you maintain healthy skin and a beautiful appearance."

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Yevdokymenko Alona Oleksandrivna

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