Cervicometry is a detailed ultrasound examination of the cervix measuring the length of the cervical canal during pregnancy. This diagnostic method allows you to assess the risk of pregnancy complications or other pathologies of fetal bearing and take optimal measures in time. The procedure is performed by experienced specialists of the Dobrobut clinic quickly, safely and painlessly.

What does cervicometry show?

Cervicometry in pregnancy is usually performed between the 12th and 22nd week. The study shows the condition of the cervix, the presence of pathological changes and their dynamics. Based on the results, the obstetrician-gynecologist can assess the likelihood of miscarriage and give recommendations on how to prevent the problem.

When should an ultrasound of the cervix be performed?

This procedure is mandatory during pregnancy if:

  • a woman has a shortened cervix or other abnormalities;
  • a multiple pregnancy has been diagnosed;
  • the patient has undergone surgery on the reproductive organs before conception;
  • there has been a history of trauma to the genital organs;
  • a number of chronic diseases have been confirmed.

Benefits of cervicometry

It is an effective method of examining the cervix in case of infertility, during pregnancy planning, and to determine the risk of miscarriage in expectant mothers.

The main advantages of this method are

  • high reliability of results due to modern medical equipment and professional ultrasound diagnostics specialists;
  • safety for the woman and the fetus;
  • painlessness and speed of the procedure (about 20 minutes);
  • the possibility of repeated sessions to monitor the effectiveness of therapy;
  • affordable price.

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