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Child Planning

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Child Planning

Child Planning

Services included in the package:

Thyroxine (T4) free
General comprehensive blood analysis with formula (hemanalyzer, ESR, formula) as planned
Clinical urine analysis
Determination of HbsAg (hepatitis В)
Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)
Consultation by obstetrician-gynaecologist
Consultation by general practitioner / family doctor
Ultrasonography of thyroid
Quantitative culture for mycoplasma/ureaplasma (DUO)
Sampling for PCR-based diagnostics
Examination of the microflora of the urogenital tract in women (according to the Hay-Ison criteria and the Nugent scale)
Classical PAP test (cervical smear screening)
Preanalytical stage in biological material study
Determination of Chlamydia trachomatis in biological material (PCR method)
Determination of Ig G antibodies to HCV (hepatitis C)
Determination of Ig G antibodies to rubella virus
HIV testing by immunoenzymatic analysis

Doctors providing package services:

Cholas Eleni Nikolaos
Obstetrician-gynecologist; Ultrasound doctor
13experience (y.)

Clinics providing package services:

Package price:
Child Planning
9500 uah
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