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Lung Cancer

What Is Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is a malignant neoplasm that develops from the mucous epithelium of the bronchial tree, bronchial glands, and lung tissue (parenchyma).

This disease is confidently leading among other oncological diseases in terms of the frequency of occurrence: it is detected in 70 out of 100,000 people.

What factors increase the likelihood of lung cancer?

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • smoking;
  • regular contact with volatile carcinogens (asbestos, radon, arsenic);
  • excessive radiation to the chest;
  • genetic disorders;
  • some viruses;
  • living in a polluted environment;
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
  • history of cancer of the upper respiratory tract and lungs;
  • alcohol abuse and malnutrition.

What are the symptoms of lung cancer?

See a doctor at the first symptoms of the disease:

  • prolonged fever and weakness;
  • heavy sweating;
  • sibilant sound when breathing and hoarse voice;
  • cough;
  • chest pain when coughing or inhaling;
  • bloody sputum;
  • severe shortness of breath;
  • weight loss;
  • deterioration of the general condition.

With advanced lung cancer, complications develop - impaired bronchial patency, respiratory failure, pulmonary bleedings, collapse (closing) of a lung, the general exhaustion.

What diagnostic methods are used in the diagnosis?

To diagnose lung cancer, the following are used:

  • X-ray (a number of tumors are detected during prophylactic fluorography);
  • CT, MRI, PET-CT are the most informative methods of diagnosing pathology, which are used to:
  • show the location, size, and shape of the lung tumor;
  • find lymph nodes in the chest larger than usual;
  • assess the prevalence of metastases and monitor the effectiveness of treatment;
  • take a biopsy.

Among the additional diagnostic methods - bronchoscopy, which allows you to see carcinoma protruding into the lumen of the bronchi, infiltrated walls of the bronchi or their compression, to biopsy the lymph nodes located next to the trachea and bronchi.

If the totality of the studies carried out does not allow to exclude the disease with complete reliability, then diagnostic thoracoscopy or thoracotomy is performed as the final stage.

Additionally, laboratory appointments are made:

  • complete blood count and biochemical blood test;
  • analysis of tumor markers: CEA, CYFRA CA 21-1 and NSE, the level of which increases with the development of cancer.

What methods and cost of treatment are used for lung cancer?

If you are diagnosed with lung cancer, the specialists of our clinic will develop a treatment plan especially for you. It will be based on your personal preference and specific cancer information. It is complicated to name the concrete cost of lung cancer treatment in Kyiv and Ukraine because it will differ in each specific case. The cost of lung cancer treatment depends on the stage of cancer, the possibility of surgical removal of the tumor, and the patient's general condition, including lung function. Also, the cost of treatment includes the type of anesthesia during the operation and the length of stay in the ward. Do not forget that the price of lung cancer treatment also depends on the experience of the doctor and his academic title.

You may be offered one or more of the following treatments for lung cancer:


Surgery may be offered for lung cancer if the tumor can be completely removed and if your general condition allows surgery. You are probably asking the question, how much does lung cancer surgery cost? The cost of lung cancer surgery and the type of lung cancer surgery depend mainly on the size of the tumor, its location and the extent of its spread in the lung. When planning your surgery, specialists consider factors such as your age, general health, and how well your lungs are working.

Lymph nodes are removed in all types of surgery.


Most patients at different stages are shown chemotherapy - treatment with drugs that destroy tumor tissue. It is:

neoadjuvant - prescribed before surgery to reduce the size of the tumor and the amount of intervention;

adjuvant - prescribed after surgery to destroy the remaining tumor cells and reduce the risk of recurrence.

In stages 3 and 4, patients are treated only with chemotherapy.

Radiation therapy

External radiation therapy can be used for lung cancer that cannot be surgically removed, or if your general condition does not allow you to have surgery or you refuse surgery.

There are several different types of external radiation therapy used for lung cancer, including three-dimensional external radiation therapy (3D-CRT), intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT).

Chemoradiation therapy

Chemotherapy is sometimes combined with radiation therapy for lung cancer. It’s called chemoradiation therapy. Chemoradiation therapy is only offered if your self-feeling allows you to have both treatments simultaneously.

Targeted therapy

Targeted therapy is given to some people with lung cancer. The essence of this treatment method is the effect of drugs and substances precisely on the mechanisms of tumor cells that promote its growth and spread.

Endobronchial therapy

Endobronchial therapy eliminates the blockage caused by cancer inside the lung and helps with symptoms such as breathing problems, pain, or coughing up blood.

Quitting smoking

If you smoke, it is important to quit before surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. Research shows that people who quit smoking before lung cancer treatment are more likely to live longer, have a lower risk of side effects from treatment, and a lower risk of developing other cancers.

The advantages of carrying out the service with us:

  • The Dobrobut Clinic in Kyiv employs highly qualified specialists who regularly attend refresher courses.
  • In practice, modern methods of treatment are used.
  • The list of necessary diagnostic and treatment procedures is determined strictly individually.
  • The main goal of our center is the maximum preservation of the patient's quality of life.

How to sign up?

You can sign up for a preliminary examination and get acquainted with the prices on our website or using the 24-hour contact center, whose contacts are listed on the clinic's website.


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Lung Cancer

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