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Adults and children alike often lack psychological support. Modern person of any age may face the hurdles of excessive emotional stress, the need to acquire a lot of information on a daily basis and quickly adapt to different situations. Our child psychologist can render a knowledgeable assistance with such problems. Since the problems of children are directly related to their upbringing, being in the family circle, or in groups of children, our child psychologist provides counselling and individual psychotherapy for adults as well, family counselling.

The areas in which the child psychologist of MN "Dobrobut" provides consulting assistance:

  • adjustment of parenting practices;
  • overcoming child aggression;
  • detection of fears and working-through;
  • adjustment of emotional disorders (training the habit of emotion identification and management thereof);
  • reducing the level of anxiety;
  • softening the adaptation period for children in a group (kindergarten, school).

Areas of psychotherapeutic care:

  • family psychotherapeutic treatment;
  • child psychotherapeutic treatment;
  • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT);
  • psychoanalysis;
  • art therapy and counselling.

The following areas can be adjusted: emotional and volitional disorders, puerilism, autism, hyperactivity, attention deficit, family conflicts, fears and anxiety during pregnancy, psychosomatic disorders, bad teenage behaviour, eating disorders, depressions, obsessive-compulsive disorders, panic attacks, anxiety disorders et cetera.

Counselling for prospective first-grade pupils and their parents at MN "Dobrobut" clinics you can consult a child psychologist to assess the school readiness of your child:

  • determine the level of psychosocial maturity of the child;
  • evaluate semantic memory;
  • evaluate visual attention and visual memory;
  • determine the level of formation of phonemic processes;
  • determine the child's ability to establish logical connections and consistent patterns, compare and classify objects by attributes.

Family psychocorrective activities

Once the problems of your child are defined, family psychocorrective activities might be helpful. During such sessions, a specialist – while working on the child’s issues – carries out psychotherapeutic support for the parents as well. Individual therapeutic sessions for mothers and married couples are also available.

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