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PATCH test complex (dermatology, children), without PATCH system cost

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PATCH test complex (dermatology, children), without PATCH system cost

Allergy is an individual response of the immune system to certain substances. These can be food, plant pollen, book dust, animal hair or chemicals. Allergy can manifest in different ways: from mucosal edema and redness to Quincke's edema and anaphylactic shock.

Allergic contact dermatitis is one of the most difficult allergies to diagnose. Exposure to allergens causes redness and swelling on the skin, spots in the form of eczema, papules. Problem with diagnosis is because of delayed body's reaction to an allergen manifesting itself after a few days, so it can be quite difficult to determine the allergen.

There is no specific treatment for allergic dermatitis and its minor manifestations can be removed by eliminating an irritant causing the body's immune response. In more severe cases, a doctor prescribes antihistamines and corticosteroid ointments.

As it can be quite difficult to identify an allergen, a modern and effective patch testing system is used to identify the substances causing allergic dermatitis. The patch testing is available at the Dobrobut MC network.

The patch testing is the placement of patches on the patient's skin. Due to the high reliability of the obtained results, simplicity and safety of the procedure, the patch testing is the basic examination method and golden standard for diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis according to the modern European and American clinical guidelines.


  • conditions that may result from a contact allergic reaction of delayed type IV hypersensitivity, such as contact dermatitis, polymorphic erythema, coin-like eczema, lichen planus (Wilson's), psoriasis localized on the hands, granulomatous or lymphomatoid reactions;
  • worsening of the course of atopic, seborrheic, hemostatic dermatitis, coin-like eczema, suspected concomitant allergic contact dermatitis;
  • drug dermatitis;
  • reactions of mucous membranes: conjunctivitis, stomatitis, vulvitis;
  • before placing implants and prosthetics in dentistry and orthopedics if an allergic reaction to metals and other materials is suspected.

Algorithm of services provision

  1. Visit to an allergist for consultation and referral for a patch testing (1st consultation)
  2. Placing of the patch system on skin
  3. Removal of the patch system and initial assessment 48 hours after the patch removal. This happens on the second visit to an allergist scheduled in advance (2nd consultation).
  4. The main assessment of the patch system 48 hours after its removal. This happens on the third visit to an allergist scheduled in advance (3rd consultation).
  5. Consultation of a pediatric allergist 48-72 hours after the main assessment of the patch system (4th consultation).

Terms of service

Before passing the patch test, a patient should refrain from taking taking glucocorticoids 2 weeks before the procedure, ointments, lotions and sprays - 1 week. Antihistamines are not contraindicated.

In order to avoid a false positive reaction, the back skin should be clean: without rashes and redness.

IMPORTANT! To evaluate the results of the patch test a patient should come to the clinic 30-40 minutes before the doctor's appointment to get the system removed by a nurse at the medical treatment room.

A patient can pass the parch test only after the initial consultation of an adult dermatologist.

Patch system is ordered and paid for on the same day using the current price list. The cost of the patch system is not included into the cost of the comprehensive services and is specified at the initial consultation with a doctor before its application.

Services included in the package:

Лікарський амбулаторний прийом
  • Paediatric dermatologist consultation 4 pcs

Doctors providing package services:

Kukovenko Iryna Viktorivna
Pediatric dermatovenereologist; Dermatovenereologist; Trichologist
16experience (y.)
Beshkovetska (Cherep) Kateryna Ivanivna
Physician-Cosmetologist; Dermatovenereologist; Pediatric dermatovenereologist; Trichologist
5experience (y.)

Clinics providing package services:

Package price:
PATCH test complex (dermatology, children), without PATCH system cost
3190 uah

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PATCH test complex (dermatology, children), without PATCH system cost

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