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Plastic surgery

Aesthetic Surgery

A good plastic surgeon is also a psychologist as he helps his clients to boost self-esteem, to overcome insecurities and self-doubt as well as to start loving themselves. Clients seek a plastic surgeon’s help not only to eliminate the signs of aging. Even at a young age a woman or a man may have a reason to improve their looks.

Modern minimally invasive technologies available in the Dobrobut Medical Network, qualifications and experience of surgeons provide safety of any aesthetic surgical intervention.

You need consultation with a plastic surgeon if you have:

  • aging signs, which cause aesthetic discomfort and dissatisfaction with your appearance;
  • congenital deformities and you want to restore normal appearance;
  • cosmetic defects on the face and body as a result of injuries and surgical interventions

Whatever the reason of your consulting a plastic surgeon: a desire to improve your looks, eliminate the signs of aging, remove psychological discomfort associated with appearance or get rid of aesthetic defects either congenital or acquired - our surgeons will carefully assess your problem, listen to your expectations and offer the optimal solution for maintaining health and beauty.


The Dobrobut Medical Network offers more than 100 different operations and apparatus techniques designed to solve aesthetic problems of the face and body.

Facial plastic:

  • surgical face and body lifting, including endoscopic lifting;
  • blepharoplasty (lifting of the upper and lower eyelids, circular lifting, upper lifting with eyebrows, transconjunctival removal of hernias of the lower eyelids (bags under the eyes);
  • lip plastics;
  • bullhorn lip lift (reduce the distance between the nose and the upper lip + expand the upper lip);
  • otoplasty (ear plastic);
  • omentoplasty (chin plastic);
  • buccal fat extraction;
  • rhinoplasty (nose tip and dorsum plastic surgery, nose wing correction, reconstructive rhinoplasty).


  • mammoplasty (breast augmentation with implants, including lightweight B-Lite implants, augmentation with autologous fat through an incision under the breast, around the nipple or in the armpit with the possibility of a simultaneous breast lift);
  • breast reduction (periareolar scar, vertical scar, inverted T scar);
  • mastopexy (breast lift is vertical, around the nipple, in the form of an inverted T (anchor);
  • removal of breast implants or gel;
  • resetting of implants (one-sided or two- sided);
  • correction of the nipple shape;
  • reconstruction of the nipple and areola.


  • abdominoplasty;
  • lifting of shoulders, hips;
  • buttock augmentation (using an implant or autologous fat);
  • shin plastics;
  • elimination of scars and other aesthetic defects;
  • liposuction (fat removal) on the face, neck, chin, back of the neck and suprascapular region, mammary glands, back, lower back, abdomen, pubis, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, knees, legs, back and outer shoulders) ;
  • lipofilling (filling with autologous fat) of the lips, nasolabial folds, sunken parts of the face, buttocks).


  • intimate plastic;
  • surgical defloration;
  • surgical correction of the size of the labia;
  • plastics of the labia with old postpartum ruptures;
  • change in the diameter of the vagina opening;
  • restoration of the hymen integrity.


All plastic surgeries in the Dobrobut Medical Network are performed only on medical indications after a thorough examination of a patient to identify contraindications and prevent possible complications.

Before the operation a surgeon attentively listens to the patient's expectations and draw up a 3D model of the expected result regarding the initial data. This way each patient can be sure of the surgery result without surprises. The surgeon warns about all possible consequences and advises on the lifestyle and restrictions for the recovery period after surgery.

Right before the operation a patient is assessed for current health status by using the methods laboratory and instrumental diagnosis. For some operations additional diagnosis methods may be required.

The Dobrobut Medical Network offers advanced methods of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics for each patient:

  • Ultrasound;
  • Mammography;
  • CT and MRI.

Treatment Methods

Plastic surgeries for solving aesthetic problems of the face and body in the Dobrobut Medical Network are performed by using modern, minimally invasive interventions and combining them with apparatus and injection techniques. Quite often these methods are used in combination. A doctor makes the decision on the use of a particular method informing a patient about the consequences and advantages of each method.

We use the following plastic surgery methods in the Dobrobut Medical Network:

  • operations;
  • minimally invasive operations;
  • apparatus and injection techniques.

The Dobrobut Medical Network has advanced equipment for aesthetic surgery, modern suture material and surgical dressings, quality implants from the best certified manufacturers, premium cosmetic and surgical devices..

The Dobrobut surgeons have vast experience in performing aesthetic surgery on the face and body. In addition to high-quality surgical intervention, the doctors take great care to preserve the natural proportions and individuality of each patient.


Plastic surgery in the Dobrobut Medical Network stands for:

  • vast experience of surgeons not only in aesthetic but also in reconstructive surgery targeted to eliminate defects and restore the functions of tissues damaged as a result of injuries, burns or operations;
  • a multidisciplinary approach to solving aesthetic problems allows caring for the patient's health and performing operations under the supervision of medical specialists, such as gynecologists, otolaryngologists, maxillofacial surgeons and others;
  • the multidisciplinary approach and powerful diagnosis methods used by the Dobrobut Medical Network allow complete diagnosis at the pre-operation stage to reduce all risks and possible complications for a patient;
  • the conditions of the Dobrobut medical network allow combining plastic surgeries with other surgeries and working with medical specialists in a team;
  • modern sterile operating rooms and comfortable wards at the Dobrobut Medical Network will help to minimize risks during surgery and hasten recovery.

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Plastic surgery

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