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Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery the "Dobrobut" clinic network offers expert services in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. 

A true plastic surgeon specializes not only in all areas of plastic surgery and has experience with surgeries of any complexity but also functions as a psychologist: with their skills, they help boost self-esteem, overcome complexes and insecurity, and love oneself. 

People consult a plastic surgeon not only to eliminate signs of aging. Even at a young age, there are reasons why women or men want to improve or correct individual features, changing their appearance to their ideal.

Modern minimally invasive technologies available at "Dobrobut" medical network, along with the qualifications and experience of the surgeons, ensure the safe execution of any aesthetic surgical procedure. 

Plastic surgery, Service prices:

Consultation by plastic surgeon1260 uah
Blepharoplasty/circular eyelid plastic, 1 category of complexity47210 uah

A specialist consultation is necessary if: 

  • signs of aging have appeared that cause aesthetic discomfort and dissatisfaction with your appearance; 
  • there is a congenital disproportion that creates a desire to change your appearance; cosmetic defects have arisen on the face and body as a result of injuries and surgeries; 
  • cosmetic and hardware methods of correcting appearance are ineffective.

Types of Aesthetic Surgery 

  • In the "Dobrobut" medical network, we perform over 100 different operations and hardware techniques aimed at solving aesthetic problems of the face and body. 

Facial Plastic Surgery: 

  • surgical facelift, including endoscopic lifting; 
  • blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelid lift, circular lift, upper with brow lift, transconjunctival removal of lower eyelid hernias (bags under the eyes)); 
  • lip surgery; 
  • bullhorn (reduction of the distance between the nose and upper lip and upper lip eversion); 
  • otoplasty (ear surgery); 
  • chin surgery; 
  • removal of Bichat's fat pads; 
  • rhinoplasty (tip and bridge surgery, nostril correction, reconstructive rhinoplasty). 

Breast Surgery: 

  • mammoplasty: breast augmentation with implants, including lightweight B-Lite implants, as well as augmentation using own fat through incisions under the breast, around the areola, or in the armpit area with the possibility of simultaneous breast lift; 
  • breast reduction: with peri-areolar scar, vertical scar, or inverted-T scar;
  • mastopexy: vertical breast lift, around the areola, inverted-T (anchor) lift; 
  • removal of breast implants or gel; 
  • reimplantation of implants (on one or both sides);
  • nipple shape correction; 
  • reconstruction of the nipple and areola. 

Abdominal and Body Plastic Surgery: 

  • abdominoplasty; 
  • arm and thigh lift; 
  • buttock augmentation (using implants or own fat); 
  • calf plastic surgery; 
  • removal of scars and other aesthetic defects; 
  • liposuction (fat removal) on the face, neck, chin, back of the neck, suprascapular area, breasts, back, waist, abdomen, pubis, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, knees, calves, back and outer arms; 
  • lipofilling (filling with own fat) of the lips, nasolabial folds, sunken parts of the face, buttocks. 

Intimate Plastic Surgery: 

  • intimate plastic surgery; 
  • surgical defloration; 
  • surgical correction of the size of the labia; 
  • labia plastic surgery for old postpartum tears; 
  • changing the diameter of the vaginal entrance; 
  • restoration of the integrity of the hymen. 

Advantages of Plastic Surgery in the "Dobrobut" Medical Network:

  • the surgeons have extensive experience not only in aesthetic surgery but also in reconstructive surgery, aimed at eliminating defects and restoring the functions of tissues damaged by injuries, burns, or surgeries; a multidisciplinary approach to solving aesthetic problems allows for taking care of the patient's health and performing surgeries under the supervision of specialized doctors, such as gynecologists, otolaryngologists, maxillofacial surgeons, and others; 
  • the multi-specialty nature of the "Dobrobut" medical network and its powerful diagnostic base allow for comprehensive diagnostics, reducing all risks and potential complications for the patient even at the preparation stage for surgery;
  •  the conditions of the medical network allow for combining plastic surgeries with other operations and working with related specialists in a team; 
  • modern sterile operating rooms and comfortable wards available in the "Dobrobut" medical network help minimize risks during surgery and ensure quick recovery. 

Plastic surgery services provided at the "Dobrobut" Dermatology and Cosmetology Center: 

  • consultation with a plastic surgeon; 
  • upper and lower blepharoplasty; 
  • canthopexy or canthoplasty; 
  • brow lift; 
  • temporal lift; 
  • anterior neck lift; 
  • liposuction of small areas of the face and body; 
  • lipofilling of the face, lips, or small areas of the body; 
  • lip surgery; 
  • otoplasty; 
  • earlobe surgery; 
  • scar and skin deformation excision; 
  • closure of skin defects after removal of large benign neoplasms; 
  • intimate plastic surgery.

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Plastic surgery

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