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General surgery

General surgery is the area of surgery specialized in treatment of abdominal organs and soft tissues, including skin diseases, using surgical intervention.

Dobrobut's general and emergency surgery centers are located at the following addresses: 3 Idzykowsky Family Str. and 12-A Mykoly Bazhana Ave., Kyiv provide effective surgical care to patients with acute surgical diseases, in critical conditions and on a scheduled basis. The centers' surgeons perform high-level surgical interventions, more than 90% of which are performed using minimally invasive laparoscopic or endoscopic techniques according to international standards and with the use of high-tech equipment.

When do you need an urgent consultation by a surgeon?

A surgical pathology can develop abruptly, over the course of several hours. This includes chronic diseases: even if they do not bother, they can fulminate and require a surgical intervention. In such cases, a patient needs an emergency surgery.

Symptoms that mean you should immediately consult a surgeon:

  • abdominal pains, persistent or colicky, if spasmolytics do not help,
  • combination of abdominal pains and flatulence, abnormalities in the passage of flatus and stool,
  • black, dark cherry stool, vomiting with blood or black content,
  • combination of abdominal pains and nausea, vomiting, elevated body temperature.

In presence of any of these symptoms, self-treatment is strictly forbidden, as they can indicate the development of the acute type of the following diseases requiring emergency surgery or intensive care in a clinical setting:

  • acute appendicitis,
  • acute cholecystitis,
  • acute pancreatitis,
  • acute intestinal obstruction,
  • constricted hernia,
  • peritonitis,
  • complicated course of the diverticular disease (diverticulitis, perforation or abscess formation in the bowel diverticulum area),
  • perforated gastric or duodenal ulcer,
  • obstructive jaundice,
  • presence of foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract,
  • gastrointestinal haemorrhage,
  • other diseases and states that require surgical care.

Emergency care professionals of Dobrobut clinic chain will get insight into the symptoms and will transport a patient for an emergency consultation by a surgeon to the admitting office of our hospital if necessary.

We admit patients with suspected acute surgical pathology 24/7


The urgent surgical care unit of Dobrobut clinic chain provides the whole range of precise and quick diagnostics, including day-and-night laboratory and {-ray examinations, computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Diagnostic capabilities of Dobrobut clinic chain allow determining a diagnosis over the course of several hours due to the full visualization of internal organs even in the most complicated clinical cases.

Laboratory data will be ready within an hour. We will also run additional instrumental tests in the admitting office, including multi-slice computer tomography of abdominal organs.

As a result, we will quickly define if the patient needs immediate hospital admission and will develop the plan of further care. If the test results and the physical examination will not point out the necessity of hospital admission, you will receive recommendations and the plan of the follow-up examination.

All the patients receive a mandatory consultation of a surgeon on call that administers a patient and, if necessary, plans the next visit for observation. In addition, if necessary, you can get the consultation of connected specialists for the complete differential diagnostics of an acute condition (gynaecologist, general practitioner, urologist, traumatologist, resuscitationist, etc.).


The treatment of acute surgical cases is performed in accordance with international standards, fast track protocols (early activation and rehabilitation) with the use of pain-free treatment method and personalized approach to every patient. This allows to keep the hospital stay to a minimum and carry out rehabilitation after surgical treatment within the shortest possible period to return patients to their normal life.

Already at the stage of a visit to the admitting office, patients have the possibility to receive urgent treatment in day patient department rooms that is aimed at reduction or removal of acute symptoms of the disease.

The surgical hospital of Dobrobut clinic chain provides the day-and-night professional surgical care at acute conditions. Hi-tech facilities of wards, intensive care and surgery block allow providing the surgical treatment of acute conditions safely and comfortably to the greatest possible extent.

Admitting office, diagnostic procedures, hospital, intensive care and resuscitation unit and operating rooms work 24/7

Advantages of surgical treatment at Dobrobut clinic chain

By contacting us, you can be sure of the high quality of care - our specialists are constantly improving their knowledge in the field of surgery, improving their skills and acting as a team.

Why clients choose us

  • Professionalism of surgeons and friendliness and empathy of staff
  • Аvailability of a wide range of modern methods: laboratory and instrumental diagnostics
  • Surgical treatment in accordance with progressive world trends

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General surgery

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