"Dobrobut" launches new extended health insurance program

"Dobrobut" launches new extended health insurance program

Medical network "Dobrobut" together with insurance company "INGO" within the framework of the project "Dobropolis" from November 6, 2023 launches a new complex program of voluntary health insurance - "Dobropolis for every day".

The new program, the annual cost of which is from UAH 19 thousand and covers medical services worth up to UAH 300 thousand, providing a wide range of medical care for adults and children.

The new program includes not only treatment of emergency cases, but also outpatient care (medical consultations - including at home, instrumental diagnostics, massage, etc.), emergency and planned care in hospital (inpatient treatment, surgical operations), as well as emergency care. Thus, the new insurance program covers, for example, injuries, high fever in a child, heart attack, stroke, acute respiratory viral infections, diseases of the spine, sexual system (cystitis, prostatitis, colpitis, etc.), bronchitis, diseases of the ENT organs, cholecystitis, exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pneumonia and other diseases.

"We are happy to expand the program and increase its coverage, as it gives us an opportunity to make people's lives much safer and quality modern medical care more accessible. I believe that this is an excellent example of synergy between the two companies - a combination of all the advantages of insurance medicine and a professional approach in organizing medical care," comments Marina Zvarich, Head of Personal Insurance Sales Department of IC INGO.

Also the program "Dobropolis for Every Day" provides an opportunity to take out additional dental and oncological insurance. Another feature of this policy is insurance for civilians against injuries caused by military actions in Ukraine.

There is a pleasant bonus: if you buy an insurance policy until December 31, 2023, you will get an opportunity to be vaccinated against influenza for free.

"After the launch of Dobropolis for emergencies in March this year, we received a huge number of questions from our clients about whether it is possible to buy insurance in Dobrobut for planned treatment and operations as well. Therefore, we promptly responded to this request by creating another unique insurance product together with our partners INGO. The new program "Dobropolis for every day", which makes life much safer, will cost the price of a cup of coffee - 53 UAH per day", - says Dmytro Grossu, Dobrobut's Corporate Sales Director.

More details on the terms of the new program can be found at the link: https://dobropolis.dobrobut.com/everyday.

Doctors who advise on this issue:
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Anikieieva Tetiana Volodymyrivna
Physician; Cardiologist; Rheumatologist
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Cardiovascular surgeon
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Pediatrician; Pediatric immunologist
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Pediatric urologist
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Pediatric and adolescent gynecologist; Ultrasound doctor
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Shmahoi Vasyl Leonidovych
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Shuklina Yuliia Volodymyrivna
Otolaryngologist; Pediatric otolaryngologist