Tonsil lacunae lavage – performing methods, characteristics of the procedure

Tonsil lacunae lavage – performing methods, characteristics of the procedure

Tonsillitis is most often has a chronic form. The disease is difficult to treat, and many patients just do not pay attention on the signs of periodic recrudescence of a pathological process. Administration of antimicrobial drugs prescribed at every acute exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis ceases to give the expected effect sooner or later. In this case doctors recommend to perform the tonsil lacunae lavage. 

Disease-inducing microorganisms and leukocytes accumulate in tonsil tissues in the process of a chronic inflammatory process. They fill all the ducts in the tonsils and actually do not pass away. The use of the most powerful antimicrobial drugs does not give any effect, then ENT specialists may prescribe a tonsillectomy.

The surgical intervention can be avoided using a lavage. Tonsil lavage does not result in complete recovery, however, the chronic process can be put into a long-term remission.

Despite the fact that the procedure is not complicated, you should not perform it by yourself. If you break the algorithm, you may not only damage palate and tonsils, but also make the pathology “go deeper” in tonsil tissues, when even the most experienced doctor cannot avoid a surgical intervention.

The technique is applied in polyclinic conditions. A patient sits down in a free position, but throws his/her head back. He/She is offered to open the mouth wide so that a doctor could work with sick tonsils without impediment. A special hub (a needle) for tonsil lavage is fixed on the syringe, and a specialist pumps “all unnecessary substances” off the tonsil tissues: purulent or serous content, destroyed leukocytes, pathogenic bacteria. At the same time, the tonsil surface is irrigated with the solutions of medications with the anti-inflammatory effect. The patient’s oral cavity and the tonsils are irrigated with the lidocain solution before the tonsil lacunae lavage procedure to reduce pain.

The procedure is performed in inpatient departments of the clinics. The Tonsilor device is used not only to clear tonsils with ultrasound but also to reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process.

The tonsil lavage with a syringe is the most common option. The procedure is simple and not expensive, but in case of lack of experience or mistake an ENT specialist can traumatize tonsil tissues with a needle (hub). In future, the adhesions restraining the efflux of fluid from tonsil ducts are formed after such an injury. In many polyclinics the procedure is performed free of charge, but a patient has to buy a syringe for intralaryngeal infusions and tonsil lavage.

  •  the lavage is contraindicated for pregnant women, however, the manipulation can be performed with a syringe;
  • tonsil lavage with Tonsilor device is rather expensive.

A patient has to undergo certain tests before the procedure. It is associated with the need to level out possible contraindications. Tonsil lavage with one of the techniques mentioned above is contraindicated in the following cases:

It should be noted that the sensitive gag reflex is a relative contraindication. Irrigation of larynx with the lidocain solution can be used to relieve the condition, but patients admit that vomituritions become less intense during the 2nd or the 3rd procedure.

Tonsil lacunae lavage is an efficient procedure for the treatment of chronic tonsillitis. It does not result in recovery, but induces the remission of the pathology and relieves the patient's condition. You can get more detailed information on the vacuum tonsil lavage procedure in the clinic on our website.

Article author: Olha Ivanova-Yur

Publication date: 14.02.2020

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