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​Pulmonologist's advice

You should immediately visit a pulmonologist if you have noticed the following symptoms:

  • frequent shortbreathing not related to physical activity or low level of physical activity
  • pain in chest when breathing
  • general weakness, hyperhydrosis, increased fatigability accompanied with a sense of discomfort in throat and oral cavity, especially after sleep
  • various cough types: productive or dry, long-lasting, accompanied with the elevated body temperature or blood clots

Systematic examination by a pulmonologist are required in the following cases:

  • past history of frequent pneumonias or infectious respiratory diseases
  • genetic predisposition to respiratory diseases
  • you smoke
  • chest injury
  • you have been inhaling toxic gases, smoke, dust for a long period of time
  • you are over 45, in this case a consultation by pulmonologist is mandatory within an annual checkup, even if you have no complaints.

Pulmonologists of Dobrobut clinic chain perform treatment according to international medical protocols. Experience, professionalism, comprehensive efforts of the medical team, empathy to the emotional state and needs of a patient guarantee the quality treatment and comfort of a patient. If you trust us with your health, you may rest assured that you will be provided with the best care.

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​Pulmonologist's advice

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