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Vascular atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a common disease that affects blood vessels, namely elastic and muscular-elastic arteries. This disease occupies a leading position in the causes of mortality and disability in the adult population of our planet. Most often, atherosclerosis affects the coronary, brachiocephalic, renal, and arteries of the lower extremities. At the same time, a plaque of cholesterol is deposited on the inner wall of the vessel, which later becomes overgrown with connective tissue, calcifies, and significantly narrows or completely clogs the vascular lumen, prevents continuous blood flow, leading to ischemia of vital organs. To prevent the development of dangerous complications of the disease, it is worth starting vascular treatment as early as possible.

Treatment of vascular atherosclerosis

A plan for the treatment of atherosclerosis in Ukraine is drawn up by a specialist based on a comprehensive examination of the patient, taking into account his characteristics, concomitant diseases, and the stage of development of atherosclerosis. Modern medicine relies on conservative treatment, which is used only at the initial stages of the development of the disease, and surgical techniques.

Drug treatment includes taking sequestrants of bile acids, statins, fibrates - all of these groups of drugs reduce the level of triglycerides in the blood. Angioprotectors can also be used to improve metabolism in the vascular wall, nootropics - improve blood supply to the brain and metabolism in nerve cells, antiplatelet agents - help thin the blood, preventing clogging of the arterial lumen with a thrombus, etc. However, conservative therapy will not help dissolve existing atherosclerotic plaques. it will only help prevent their further progression.

In certain cases, with the progression of the disease, surgical treatment of the consequences of vascular atherosclerosis is necessary:

  1. Angioplasty and stenting of arteries of any basin (arteries of the brain, arteries of the heart, aorta, its branches, and lower extremities). The essence of the operation is the introduction of a special catheter into the femoral artery to the affected area, with manipulations to return the normal lumen of the vessel.
  2. Bypass surgery. During surgery, blood flow is restored by creating an additional pathway (shunt) bypassing the area affected by atherosclerosis.
  3. Vascular prosthetics. A method of surgical intervention for vascular atherosclerosis, characterized by the replacement of the affected area of the artery with a special prosthesis.

To resolve the issue of atherosclerosis treatment in Kyiv - sign up for a consultation with specialists in the Dobrobut network of medical clinics. We employ highly qualified and experienced specialists who regularly undergo training abroad and in Ukraine, and are guided by world standards in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, our patients can count on a guarantee of the result and effectiveness of treatment, the professionalism of doctors, and reasonable prices.

To make an appointment for a consultation or clarify the exact cost of treatment - call our call center.


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Vascular atherosclerosis

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