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Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure, the purpose of which is partial, ie incomplete, removal of the tonsils (glands) located in the oral cavity, this surgical method is not radical, given the depth of impact on tissues, thus preserving the protective function of one of the body's immune system.

Evidence is hypertrophy of the tonsils (enlargement of the glands) and related symptoms such as snoring, difficulty swallowing and breathing, hoarseness, slurred speech, sleep apnea (apnea). The above conditions are more common in children.

Methods of Tonsillectomy

  • surgical (classic);
  • radio wave;
  • cryodestruction ;
  • coblation.

Classical Tonsillectomy

This type of surgery, performed with a number of different surgical instruments, may be accompanied by minor bleeding. Performed more often in children with compensatory enlargement of the glands. The recovery period averages 10 days.

Cryodestruction of the tonsils

Partial removal of tissue, with local application of ultra-low temperatures using liquid nitrogen and the selection of various nozzles, taking into account the anatomical features, to ensure optimal contact between the cooled tip and the tissue. After this operation, the surface of the tonsils is covered with a white plaque, accompanied by an unpleasant (putrid) odor from the mouth, after a certain period of time after its rejection, there is a restoration of the mucous membrane. Cryodia has a positive effect on the walls of blood vessels, which reduces the risk of bleeding in the postoperative period. Complete healing for each patient individually, but on average occurs within a month.

Radiowave Tonsillectomy

Tissue removal is performed using a radio wave knife (where the cutting factor is high-frequency radio waves generated on the device). The advantage of this method is the simultaneous excision of tissues and cauterization of bleeding vessels, which minimizes the risk of postoperative bleeding. This method has a slight temperature effect on the surrounding tissues, which promotes faster recovery than cryodestruction.

Coblation Tonsillectomy

A relatively new, high-tech method, the feature of which is the use of a disposable nozzle, which is purchased for each patient individually. At the end of the nozzle a plasma "cloud" is formed which provides a soft effect on the tissues, the low invasiveness of the method is due to the fact that the temperature in the affected area (40-45 g C), corresponds to the denaturation of protein fails, but "evaporates".

How is the recovery period?

The duration of postoperative recovery directly depends on the method of tonsillotomy and averages 2-3 weeks. After partial removal of the tonsil tissue for some time may remain severe sore throat when swallowing, giving in the ears, and fever. During this period it is necessary to use analgesics, antipyretics, anti-inflammatory drugs in combination with a delicate diet that excludes too hot, spicy, and salty foods, as well as carbonated beverages. And limiting physical activity and the effects of high temperatures on the body (baths, saunas).

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