Action! Mole mapping - 20% discount!

Action! Mole mapping - 20% discount!

Dear friends, the New Year holidays have started

At the Dobrobut Center for Dermatology and Cosmetology there are 20% discounts on the «Mole mapping»

Take the opportunity and do automated digital mapping of the whole body on a Canfield IntelliStudio with analysis and recommendations of a dermato-oncologist.

The procedure is to photograph the entire skin, followed by automatic analysis of all pigmented skin tumors.

We offer each client:

  • analysis of all moles by size, shape and color
  • examination and recommendations of a dermato-oncologist;
  • saving images in the device memory and in the patient’s card.

How is the procedure going?

With the help of Canfield IntelliStudio software and hardware, the entire surface of the body is photographed, which lasts 3-4 minutes (the patient stands on a special stand, where a series of pictures are taken in different positions of the body).

First of all, attention is paid to those neoplasms that arouse the suspicion of the doctor. Then, all moles are analyzed by size, shape and color (if the moles have changed or if new ones are found, everything is analyzed in a new way).

This screening method is a great contribution to your own health.

Regular examination of the entire skin is recommended once a year.

All captured images are stored in a secure shared database. The obtained results help to monitor possible changes in moles over time and prevent the development of the disease in time.

Discounts are valid only at:

st. Lomonosov 71 G.

Discount price - UAH 2560 (Old price - UAH 3200)

The promotion period until 20.12.2021.

Beauty is where health!

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