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Femoral-popliteal shunting

Femoral-popliteal shunting is a surgical operation aimed at restoring blood flow at the level of the thigh by creating a bypass from an artificial vessel or using its subcutaneous vein.

Indications for surgery

Femoral-popliteal shunting is prescribed for obstruction of the femoral artery and circulatory disorders in the lower extremities, which occurs in this regard. The cause of blockage or narrowing of the lumen of the artery is usually atherosclerosis. This is a disease with complex pathogenesis, in which, due to the influence of genetic, autoimmune, infectious factors, as well as disorders of lipid metabolism, layers are formed on the inner surface of arterial vessels, leading to impaired blood flow in it.

In the absence of qualified medical and surgical treatment, the risk of developing gangrene and amputation of limbs increases.

Techniques of operation

There are two main techniques of femoral-popliteal shunting, which restore blood circulation below the level of the knee joint. The femoral artery, which originates in the upper third of the thigh, descends to the popliteal region and divides into three branches, ie, three tibial arteries.

The first technique, femoral-popliteal autovenous shunting, is an operative technique that involves creating a bypass of a blocked artery with the help of another blood vessel called a venous graft (a large subcutaneous vein is used for this purpose). One end of the graft is sutured over the site of the clogged artery, the other - under the blockage. Blood flow is directed to the graft, bypassing the occluded area.

The second technique, femoral-popliteal allotment, differs in that the role of the shunt is an artificial vessel made of various medical materials, which is then covered with cells of the vascular wall.

Choice of surgical technique

Each patient has their medical history, anatomical and physiological features, so the doctors of the clinic "Dobrobut" conduct a thorough assessment of the individual situation before deciding on the choice of type of surgery. Both procedures require a stay in the clinic, the duration of which depends on the complexity of the operation and the general health of the patient.

Dobrobut Clinic uses the best prosthetic materials and stents in Europe, which determines 50% of the success of surgery, safety, and the absence of complications in the long term. The remaining 50% of success is the work of experienced surgeons who work according to European protocols. All our specialists have been trained in reputable European vascular surgery centers.

Getting emergency and scheduled care at the Dobrobut clinic

The first stage is to make an appointment for a consultation with a specialist. We recommend that you download the mobile application to make an appointment with doctors without phone calls and at a time convenient for you. You will receive a number of other benefits and privileges in the field of health care.

If you need urgent surgery - you will be helped as soon as possible to prevent irreversible complications. In preparation for elective femoral bypass surgery, all aspects are discussed with the patient, including possible surgical techniques, choice of prosthesis type, length of stay in the clinic after surgery, additional services.

We have the most advanced medical base, which allows us to restore the health of patients even in the most difficult cases and provide the most effective care.

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Femoral-popliteal shunting

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