-15% on a package of 4 procedures of injectable facial skin rejuvenation with Rejuran НВ Plus

-15% on a package of 4 procedures of injectable facial skin rejuvenation with Rejuran НВ Plus

Facial zone bioreparation with Rejuran is an injection technique for skin restoration and rejuvenation. Imagine skincare technique that utilizes the natural healing power of your skin. It's about rejuvenating the skin from within, promoting the production of your own collagen, and providing the desired radiance.

The main goal of the procedure is to stimulate the natural regeneration process and improve the appearance of the face.

  1. Cleansing: the epidermis is cleansed from impurities and makeup.
  2. Disinfection: the skin is degreased and disinfected.
  3. Surface anesthesia: local anesthetic is applied to alleviate discomfort.
  4. Gel injections: the preparation is injected with a thin needle to the required depth.

The rejuvenating effect is noticeable after the first visit, but for better results, it is necessary to undergo a course of 4 procedures.

Procedure duration: 30-45 minutes, depending on the problem area.

Special offer conditions:

  • The special offer includes a 15% discount on a package of 4 procedures with Rejuran HB Plus preparation. 
  • The cost of the complex service of 4 procedures with a discount - Rejuran HB Plus Polynucleotides (1 syringe) is 19,990 UAH, instead of the standard cost - 23,520 UAH.  
  • The special offer is valid until: 30.06.2024

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Beshkovetska (Cherep) Kateryna Ivanivna
Beshkovetska (Cherep) Kateryna Ivanivna
Physician-Cosmetologist; Dermatovenereologist; Pediatric dermatovenereologist; Trichologist
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Boichun Tetiana Oleksandrivna
Boichun Tetiana Oleksandrivna
Dermatovenereologist; Pediatric dermatovenereologist; Physician-Cosmetologist; Trichologist
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Popova Maryna Viacheslavivna