-25% off on laser removal of neoplasms

-25% off on laser removal of neoplasms

Special offer -25% on the laser removal of neoplasms in the Dermatology and Cosmetology Center Dobrobut.

The procedure of laser removal of neoplasms is considered one of the least traumatic and contactless methods of removal. Thanks to the accuracy of the method, it is possible to avoid injury to nearby tissues and the formation of scars after the procedure.

Before the removal procedure, the dermatologist examines and consults the patient

Quickly and painlessly

Short period of rehabilitation

The discount applies to the removal of the most common skin neoplasms: papillomas, hemangiomas, nevi and small keratomas.

Take care of your comfort and health!

The special offer is valid until 31.08. 2023.

Beauty is where health is!

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5experience (y.)
Beshkovetska (Cherep) Kateryna Ivanivna
Physician-Cosmetologist; Dermatovenereologist; Pediatric dermatovenereologist; Trichologist
21experience (y.)
Boichun Tetiana Oleksandrivna
Dermatovenereologist; Pediatric dermatovenereologist; Physician-Cosmetologist; Trichologist
28experience (y.)
Bordunova Yuliia Oleksandrivna
4experience (y.)
Kuzmenko Barbara Andriivna
Dermatovenereologist; Physician-Cosmetologist
16experience (y.)
Selivanova Tetiana Anatoliivna
Dermatovenereologist; Oncodermatology; Pediatric dermatovenereologist
16experience (y.)
Chmeliuk Ihor Olehovych
Surgeon; Plastic surgeon
9experience (y.)
Maksymenko Bohdan Viktorovych
Oncodermatology; Oncologist; Surgeon-oncologist