Opening of a new kinesiotherapy hall and physical therapy

Opening of a new kinesiotherapy hall and physical therapy

A new kinesiotherapy and exercise therapy room has been opened at the Dobrobut Medical Center for the Whole Family in Holosiiv.

Kinesiotherapy and exercise therapy (physical therapy) are effective methods of rehabilitation and strengthening the body by selecting the right load on the patient's musculoskeletal system. Classes are held under the close supervision of experienced rehabilitation therapists.

With regular exercises, a pronounced healing effect is achieved, the functioning of all organ systems improves, pain sensations disappear, and the patient's quality of life improves.

Benefits of taking a course of classes in the Dobrobut medical chain

  • Individual approach: our specialists will develop an individual program for each patient, taking into account their needs and medical condition.
  • Restoration of mobility: kinesiotherapy and exercise therapy help to restore joint mobility, improve muscle tone and coordination of movements.
  • Pain relief: These techniques can help reduce the pain and discomfort associated with a variety of medical conditions, including back, joint, and muscle pain.
  • Improving physical condition: Kinesiotherapy and exercise therapy can increase your overall physical activity level and help you maintain your health and vitality.
  • Prevention and rehabilitation: these methods can be used both to prevent injuries and diseases and to rehabilitate after surgeries and injuries.
  • Modern simulators allow you to work on various diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

An integrated approach and many years of experience of our doctors are the key to high-quality diagnosis of musculoskeletal system problems, causes of pain and treatment, which helps our patients maintain their health at a high level.


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