Dobrobut launches rehabilitation department and free treatment programme for military personnel

Dobrobut launches rehabilitation department and free treatment programme for military personnel

On 3 July, a modern physical rehabilitation department of the Dobrobut medical chain will start operating in the medical diagnostic centre at 3 Simi Idzykovskikh Street. From 3 July to 31 August 2023, the department, with the support of the international charity foundation Direct Relief, will offer a programme of free rehabilitation assistance for military personnel. The team of the new rehabilitation unit is engaged in recovery from injuries and surgeries on the musculoskeletal system, treatment of musculoskeletal diseases and pain syndromes, rehabilitation of athletes, recovery from combat injuries, and correction of posture disorders. Patients can receive counselling, physiotherapy, manual and movement therapy. The Dobrobut Physical Rehabilitation Department provides comprehensive professional medical care based exclusively on international evidence-based protocols to patients with:

  • degenerative changes in the spine and joints (osteoarthritis, hernias, protrusions);
  • neuropathy (peripheral nerve damage);
  • pain in muscles or soft connective tissues;
  • tendinopathy (tendon damage);
  • fractures that heal slowly;
  • injuries with swelling, muscle atrophy, circulatory and innervation disorders.

In particular, the department is equipped with a modern focal shock wave unit and a laser therapy unit. The department is also equipped with Redcord suspension systems for kinesiotherapy and rehabilitation. With the help of this system and the Neurac methodology, which aims to restore the correct movement patterns, a set of special exercises provides maximum, quick and lasting effect in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems.

The department is headed by Danylo Safronov, one of Ukraine's most experienced specialists in physical and rehabilitation medicine, PhD, a doctor of the highest category, a certified teacher of the Neurac method in Ukraine, who has experience in dealing with injuries and their consequences in the combat zone.

The number of places in the free physical rehabilitation programme is limited. To receive free treatment in the rehabilitation department, you must provide a certificate confirming your military status and medical documentation of previous treatment and rehabilitation measures. You can submit an application for assistance for a serviceman or make an appointment for consultation and treatment by calling the Dobrobut contact centre at 097 495 2 888, 050 495 2 888, 044 495 2 888. Applications are reviewed by a special medical commission.