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Mole mapping (automated digital cartography of the whole body)

Mole mapping is a state-of-the-art method of diagnosing and preventing dermatological diseases. Its essence lies in detailed photographing of all areas of human skin followed by automatic analysis of the detected neoplasms. Annual mapping of moles allows you to detect such dangerous diseases as melanoma, basaloma, and others at an early stage.

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Mole mapping - automated digital cartography of the whole body with the Canfield Intelli Studio device with analysis and recommendations of a dermatooncologist4780 uah

There are the following indications for annual skin mapping:

  • Fitzpatrick phototype I-II (blond hair and eyes, a large number of freckles); the presence of a hereditary factor (melanoma or other malignant skin lesions diagnosed in parents);
  • dysplastic nevi syndrome;
  • long and prolonged exposure to UV rays of both natural and artificial origin - frequent visits to tanning beds;
  • history of melanoma in the anamnesis;
  • the presence of a large number of moles and other benign formations on the skin, as well as pigment spots of unknown etiology.

Skin mapping has certain advantages:

  • absolutely painless procedure that does not involve surgery;
  • facilitates early diagnosis of malignant tumors;
  • makes it possible to instantly assess the condition of a large number of lesions;
  • allows for timely removal without waiting for metastases to form.

Benefits and contraindications Mole mapping on the face and body is simple and safe, so there are no contraindications to its preparation. Everyone can be photographed - adults and children, healthy people and people suffering from various diseases. A digital skin map is essentially the same photo, only very large and highly accurate.

How the procedure works:

At the first session, a detailed photograph of the entire skin surface is taken, which usually takes a little more than 5 minutes. The patient stands on a special stand, and a high-precision hardware and software device takes pictures in different projections.

Certain skin areas that raise questions for the dermatologist are subjected to dermatoscopic examination.

A special computer program analyzes each lesion, recording its color, shape, and size. The data is entered into the device's database and stored there until the next visit.

After a second procedure in 6-12 months, the doctor compares the new map with the data obtained earlier. If the system detects moles that have changed their characteristics or new formations appear on the body, the data is displayed on the screen, and the dermatologist performs a dermatoscopy of the detected areas.

It is not necessary to remove every mole or wart that appears on the body, but it is very important to monitor the dynamics of development. This will allow you to respond in time to the slightest changes and prescribe treatment.

Data and images obtained during the examination are stored in the device and are available to the doctor at any time.

Automated digital mapping of the whole body on the Canfield IntelliStudio device with analysis and consultation of a dermato-oncologist

You should consult a dermatologist if you notice that

  • new moles began to appear on your body;
  • old moles began to change color, shape and began to increase in size;
  • the mole has been injured.

Each consultation of a dermatologist at the Dobrobut Center for Dermatology and Cosmetology includes dermoscopy and mapping of moles, so that in the future it is possible to compare the number and condition of neoplasms on the body and make a timely decision about their removal.

Mole mapping at the Dobrobut Center for Dermatology and Cosmetology is an automated digital mapping of the entire body using a modern Canfield IntelliStudio device.

The Canfield IntelliStudio software and hardware device will not only help diagnose pathological skin lesions, but also remember the location and condition of each neoplasm under study. The compiled map of moles is stored in the computer database. Thus, during a repeated visit to the dermatologist, the doctor will be able to assess the condition of each neoplasm in the dynamics.

The procedure is absolutely safe and painless, and does not require special preparation.

In the presence of risk factors, this procedure is recommended to be performed every six months to prevent the development of malignant skin diseases in the early stages, as well as to receive timely treatment (removal of tumors) and prevent metastasis.

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Mole mapping (automated digital cartography of the whole body)

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