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DDC Dentistry Center for the whole family on Mykoly Bazhana avenue

Nikolai Bazhan Avenue, 12-A
Mon-Sat: 9:00-19:00; Sun: non-working day
Dobrobut Dental Clinic is a dental network of Dobrobut, where we provide a full range of dental services for children and adults (therapeutic dentistry, surgical dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthopedic dentistry, orthodontic dentistry, periodontics). The clinic is located on the fifth floor of the Dobrobut medical center at the address: M. Bazhana Ave., 12-A. The center is open seven days a week, appointments for consultation and treatment are carried out through the contact center 24/7. The clinic has its own anesthesiology department, which allows treatment using both mask and intravenous anesthesia.

At Dobrobut Dental Clinic, we offer a complete spectrum of dental care for children and adults of all ages. Our services include:

Specialist consultations and treatments

Therapeutic dentistry services

Which cover:

  • Dental caries treatment
  • Endodontic treatment for teeth of any complexity (root canal treatment for pulpitis, periodontitis, etc.)
  • Aesthetic tooth restoration
  • Treatment of non-carious enamel conditions (abrasion defects, fluorosis, hypoplasia, erosion)
  • Treatment and restoration of teeth after trauma
  • Correction of congenital defects in shape and color
  • Teeth whitening
  • Caries prevention.

Pediatric Dentistry

We provide preventive, therapeutic, and restorative dental care for children up to 18 years old, including:

  • Pediatric professional oral hygiene.
  • Teaching proper home oral hygiene.
  • Sealing of fissures on permanent teeth.
  • Treatment of dental caries in primary and permanent teeth.
  • Treatment of complications of dental caries (pulpitis, periodontitis in primary teeth).
  • Placement of pediatric crowns on primary teeth.
  • Extraction of primary teeth.


A periodontist is a specialist who deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases of the gums and supporting tissues of the teeth.

Their services include:

  • Prevention of periodontal tissue diseases: gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-implantitis.
  • Diagnosis of periodontal tissue diseases.
  • Professional oral hygiene.
  • Treatment of patients with periodontal tissue diseases: gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-implantitis.
  • Teaching home oral hygiene for children and adults.
  • Curettage of periodontal pockets.
  • Flap operations.
  • Gingival plasma treatment.
  • Teeth whitening.

Orthopedic Dentistry

Our orthopedic dentistry services include:

  • Dental crowns for restoring partially damaged teeth (neighboring teeth remain intact).
  • Fabrication of non-metallic crowns using thin ceramic aesthetic crowns with minimal tooth preparation.
  • Veneers - highly aesthetic ceramic structures for the frontal group of teeth, creating a beautiful and harmonious smile (restoring or changing the shape, color, and size of the teeth while preserving the tooth).
  • Fixed bridgework - an orthopedic construction that replaces a missing tooth or several teeth in cases where implantation is contraindicated.
  • Prosthesis on dental implants.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders.
  • Utilization of digital technologies for fabricating orthopedic constructions.

Surgical dentistry

Services provided in surgical dentistry:

  • tooth extraction of any degree of complexity;
  • dental implantation;
  • bone augmentation (preparation of bone tissue for implantation);
  • gingivoplasty (surgical closure of gum recessions, lengthening of the crown part of the tooth);
  • PRF therapy (the use of technology to improve tissue regeneration after surgery);
  • tooth-preserving operations: cystotomy, cystectomy, root apex resection;
  • tongue frenulum plastic surgery in children and adults;
  • plastic surgery of the frenulum of the upper lip;
  • osteoplastic surgeries: closed sinus lift, open sinus lift, osteoplasty of the tooth socket, alveolar ridge plastic.

Orthodontic dentistry

Services provided in orthodontic dentistry:

  • orthodontic diagnostics and drawing up an orthodontic treatment plan
  • treatment of dentition anomalies with the help of: braces (classic metal braces, aesthetic braces, lingual braces, self-ligating braces), transparent aligners, fixed orthodontic appliances.

The course of orthodontic treatment is the management of a patient from the moment of braces installation to the removal of the system and fixation of the retention apparatus.

We also provide the following services at Dobrobut Dental Clinic

  • sleep treatment for children and adults (treatment under general anaesthesia: intravenous, inhalation anaesthesia. The method of general anaesthesia is selected individually after consultation with an anaesthetist).

  • STA computer anaesthesia (a painless method of local anaesthesia in dentistry).


X-ray diagnostics:

  • orthopantomography (two-dimensional image of both jaws for a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the maxillofacial area makes it possible to see the condition of all teeth at a glance and at the same time, assess the structure and amount of bone, dentition anomalies, the presence of hidden carious cavities, the condition of periodontal tissues, the state of the bone structure and its amount in the place of previously extracted teeth, etc;)
  • cone-beam computed tomography (an image that, unlike a two-dimensional image, provides a three-dimensional (3D) model in several projections. This model shows the most complete information about the condition of the patient's teeth and maxillofacial area. It is also used for planning and making templates for implantation, endodontic, orthodontic diagnostics, for diagnostics of injuries, tumours);
  • Targeted radiovisiography (a picture of the jaw in the area of several teeth);
  • teleradiography - panoramic radiography of the skull in lateral and frontal projections. It is used to plan orthodontic treatment for various malocclusions, prosthetics and maxillofacial surgery. It allows for accurate diagnosis, preparation of a treatment plan with subsequent evaluation of the results and terms of treatment;
  • filling out a periodontal chart (a table where data on the condition of each tooth is entered (degree of tooth mobility, gum attachment, depth of the dental pocket, presence of dental plaque). Collecting such data 1-2 times a year makes it possible to objectively assess both the condition of the teeth and, in the future, the effectiveness of the treatment;
  • professional photo session before and after treatment enables high-quality diagnostics, control and quality of treatment at all its stages with a clear demonstration of the final result;
  • laboratory diagnostics provides data on the general condition of the body and other related factors that may affect the condition of the oral tissues;
  • comprehensive orthodontic diagnostics using special computer programmes.
DDC Dentistry Center for the whole family on Mykoly Bazhana avenue
Nikolai Bazhan Avenue, 12-A
Mon-Sat: 9:00-19:00; Sun: non-working day

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DDC Dentistry Center for the whole family on Mykoly Bazhana avenue

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Borys Nataliia Heorhiivna
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Voina Dmytro Volodymyrovych
Dentist-orthopedist; Dentist-surgeon
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Dmytrenko Yelyzaveta Serhiivna
Pediatric dentist
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Kerenovych Oleh Mykolaiovych
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Makarenko Anna Olehivna
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Mulko Natalia Mykhailivna
Pediatric dentist
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Pediatric dentist
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Plyska Vladyslav Viktorovych
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Suvorova Tamara Valeriivna
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Tsukur Tetiana Mykolaivna
Clinic`s services:
Invisalign kappa treatment

Invisalign kappa treatment

DentistryMaxillofacial Surgery
Sinus lift

After tooth extraction, over time, the bone tissue begins to atrophy, and it becomes impossible to carry out the dental implantation procedure due to the lack of bone volume - it simply cannot hold the implant.

DentistryMaxillofacial Surgery
Removal of a tooth

Tooth extraction is a necessary dental procedure if the dental tissue is destroyed and cannot be restored.

Orthopedic dentistry for kids

Even children sometimes need a crown to be placed on a damaged or destroyed tooth. In case if a tooth is affected with caries for more than 50%,

Pediatric orthodontic dentistry

Pediatric orthodontist

Pediatric surgical dentistry

A surgeon dentist performs treatment using surgical techniques.

Anesthesia in dentistry

Anesthesia in dentistry

SurgeryMaxillofacial Surgery
Implant placement

Implant placement is necessary if one or more teeth are removed. Doctors of Dobrobut clinic chain use titanium implants that are implanted in bone tissue and provide sustentation for fixed dentures and over-denture solutions.

Consultation with a dentist with the preparation of a treatment plan.

Consultation with a dentist with the preparation of a treatment plan.



Aesthetic dentistry

Beauty and a healthy appearance of teeth are important components of a person's appearance that affect his self-esteem and quality of life. Today, a beautiful white smile is no less important than well-groomed hair and good skin.

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