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Bell magnetotherapy (BMT)

Bell magnetotherapy (BMT) is a variety of Su Jok method influencing the groups of biologically active areas of the organism connected to the bronchopulmonary system. The procedure is performed using small sources of magnetic radiation fixed on the fingers using a tissue-based plaster*, and left on permanently for 7-20 days (duration of the course depends on the pathology degree). The therapeutic program or operative range is set based on psycho-emotional diagnostics. The process of the therapeutic program selection takes place only once and may be used later immediately upon address of the patient, i.e. without losing time for extra examinations.

*Note: short-term contact with water is allowed, but without soaking and blocking. Patients may wash dishes and cook food in a moderate manner.

Indications for Bell magnetotherapy:

  • acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis in recrudescence;
  • acute sinusitis, chronic sinusitis in recrudescence;
  • tracheitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • acute and chronic bronchitis;
  • pneumonia (as an additional method, as well as rehabilitation measure after pneumonia);
  • various combinations of the said states.

The procedure may be used independently, as well as combined with medicines or other non-medicamental methods. It has no side effects and counterindications, and may be performed for a long period of time without restrictions.

BMT is selected on a strictly individual basis. Though adapted for adults, the procedure may optionally be performed in teenagers (above 10-12) as well.

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Bell magnetotherapy (BMT)

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Subbotina Viktoriia Romanivna
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Ivniev Bohdan Borysovych
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