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Medical support of public events

Duty of an ambulance or emergency aid team during any public event is the foundation of people’s safety. The format of the event does not matter: it may be a school assembly, a concert or a sporting event, anyway, you should have medical personnel with all that is needed for the first aid. Somebody can feel sick even during peaceful assemblies because of overheating or undercooling, heartache or pressure rise. Especially it concerns the events where the mixed contingent is present: adults, children, elderly people.

Duty of an ambulance or emergency care team is necessary when running of the following events:

  • concerts, exhibitions;
  • sporting events;
  • mass celebrations;
  • large corporate party or party;
  • accompanying a group of children on vacation;
  • wedding or another festivity attended by many people.

The presence of an emergency aid team is of particular importance in the places where people
drink alcohol or there is a high risk to be injured. In most cases a human life depends on the speed and quality of medical assistance he or she can get. Besides, a person in a drunken state is able to do harm not only to him- or herself, but to the people around. That is why, organizing the events, you should guarantee the presence of an emergency aid team as an indispensable condition of safety for all its participants.

Emergency aid of Dobrobut clinic chain means:

  • staff with the necessary qualification and experience
  • only operative and new mobile ICUs
  • emergency aid cars are equipped with lung ventilators, cardiac monitors

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Medical support of public events

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