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Transportation of new-born children

The emergency aid unit of Dobrobut clinic chain offers services of transportation of babies in equipped mobile ICUs, accompanied by a specialized mobile team for the safe escort of a new-born child. The cars are equipped with a special unit, which is a transport incubator for new-born children (humidicrib). Such a transportation method is indicated if a baby was born with complications (is premature, has congenital diseases, is in a grave condition, etc.).

Our specialized Dobrobut team for the transportation of new-born children includes:

  • pediatric anesthesiologist with the experience in work with new-born children;
  • paramedic.
  • doctors of other specialties (if necessary, they are included in the team).

All the medical staff is qualified for the specifics of working under transportation conditions, has skills and knowledge in resuscitation and intensive care for new-born children.

Specialized team personnel makes the necessary preparations before transportation, assesses the transportability criteria.

During escorting special attention is paid to the factors of the baby’s environment (conditions of temperature, air humidity), respiratory system and hemodynamics. A baby arrives to the neonatal center in a transport incubator with the respiratory and pharmacological therapy according to his/her condition.

Taking into consideration the peculiarities of new-born babies’ escorting, the transportation can be performed only after the confirmation of a preliminary agreement with the hospital where the baby is transported.

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Transportation of new-born children

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