Ukrainians trust Dobrobut emergency service the most*

Ukrainians trust Dobrobut emergency service the most*

* Choice among private ambulance services according to Gradus research, December 2023

In December 2023, Gradus Research analyzed how Ukrainians choose an emergency medical service and who they prefer.

The respondents were asked: “If you need to call an ambulance, which medical facility are you most likely to go to?”

The majority of respondents answered that they would go to Dobrobut, both for children (41%; 54%) and adults (34%; 48%), and for transportation of patients (32%; 44%). The majority of respondents are also ready to turn to Dobrobut as a “second call” for emergency services (32%; 42%).

The survey was conducted in December 2023, with a sample size of 522 respondents.


Gradus Research is a research company that specializes in sociological surveys using a special mobile application. The surveys are conducted in compliance with sociological standards among verified respondents of the Gradus panel.