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Surgical treatment of oncology

Surgical treatment of cancer is the only way to recovery for some people. Sometimes a patient may need additional radiation therapy, chemical therapy or other types of treatment before, during or after a surgery.

The stakes are very high in surgical treatment, as often the result of treatment depends on the precision of a surgery. Besides, a successful surgery reduces the risk of complications and recurrences.

The Oncology Center "Dobrobut" conducts operations on:

  • mammary gland
  • thyroid
  • gastrointestinal organs
  • liver, pancreas, bile ducts
  • gynecologic surgeries vulva, uterus, cervix, appendages
  • urinary bladder prostate, urinary bladder, kidney

Dobrobut oncological center surgeons perform surgeries using minimally invasive techniques, laparoscopy and open surgery included. Express biopsy is performed if necessary which allows to receive a precise diagnosis within 20–30 minutes and to determine a necessary amount of surgical intervention.

Minimally invasive approach in surgery

If a surgery cannot be postponed or avoided, surgeons face the task to make every possible effort for the removal of as much of the tumor as possible. Dobrobut oncological center surgeons know all the types of surgical treatment of oncological diseases.

Oncology surgeons use minimally invasive approach in surgery wherever possible, endoscopic and laparoscopic techniques included. With this techniques a surgeon performs the same surgery as he or she would do with the traditional open approach, but uses special surgical instruments, laparoscopic and endoscopic equipment that requires several small incisions instead of a big one. Minimal access surgeries are low-trauma and allow to reduce the time of recovery after a surgery significantly.

Before a surgery radiological examinations (CT, MRI, PET), endoscopic examination, biopsy with morphological verification of a disease are performed. Diagnostics allows to determine the anatomical location of the tumor and affected organs, to examine individual vascular anatomy of every patient, to determine the stage and thus to plan a surgery as possible. Durgeons use ultrasound examination, X-ray and endoscopic equipment during a surgery.

Our surgeons are highly qualified for the use of all the surgical techniques, and they also know which technique is the best to treat cancer in every single case. The desire to preserve the function of the organ after tumor removal and to provide fast patient's recovery after a surgery is the main task of our surgeons.

In some cases a doctor may recommend radiation therapy, chemical therapy or other treatment in addition to the surgery before or after it. These methods are aimed at the tumor reduction or the prevention of local recurrences and metastatic spreading

Dobrobut oncological clinic center has a comfortable hospital department and a surgery block equipped with the most advanced devices according to modern world standards of diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases.

Our approach to surgery

Oncology surgeons of Dobrobut oncological center know all the modern methods of fight against cancer and are always targeted at the search of the best decisions. That is why they often make a decision on the impracticability of the surgery at the moment together with other specialists and offer the active monitoring approach or other types of specialized treatment (chemical therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy, etc.) as a treatment.


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Surgical treatment of oncology

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