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Outpatient surgery

Using modern approaches, we can perform surgical treatment of patients in Dobrobut clinic chain on an ambulatory basis, without admitting to hospital.
The main advantage of the outpatient surgical treatment for a patient is the possibility to preserve his or her usual lifestyle.

Who needs outpatient surgical treatment?

With the development of surgery, the majority of operational interventions that previously required mandatory hospital admission have become possible to perform on an ambulatory basis. It can be applied to the whole range of biopsies, surgeries on the skin and subcutaneous tissue, proctologic surgeries, surgeries on abscesses of a mammary gland of lactating women, herniatomy, etc.

Many surgical interventions in outpatient surgery deal with pyoinflammatory diseases – abscesses, phlegmons and their subcategories – whitlows, axillary abscesses, periproctous abscesses, breast inflammations, etc. There are the features of their course caused by the self-treatment:


In no case should you practice self-treatment (warming baths, complex compresses do not improve your condition). Early treatment of festering diseases is extremely important for the speediest wound repair!

Pain in a mammary gland during lactation, the appearance of a lump in a mammary gland, temperature rise are the reasons to consult a surgeon on call. Visiting a doctor within the first 48 hours from the beginning of the disease reduces the probability of need of surgical treatment up to 10%.


Timely visiting of a surgeon in such cases allows to cure a patient using non-surgical methods and avoid a surgical intervention.


During outpatient visits surgeons use laboratory test (the whole range of laboratory diagnostic procedures is available in planned and emergency modes) and ultrasound diagnostics. Many surgeries, form puncture and draining of soft tissue abscesses to liver puncture, are performed on an ambulatory basis in the ultrasound-guided mode; surgeries on veins are also performed on an ambulatory basis with the use of laser. If necessary, a surgeon can use X-ray diagnostics during an outpatient visit: MRI or MSCT

Due to the modern high-quality equipment, our surgeons perform surgical interventions in the most efficient and safe way for the patient.


We treat the following diseases in the outpatient surgical department of Dobrobut clinic chain:

  • benign formations of skin and soft tissues (epidermal and trichodermal cysts, atheromas, lipomas, nevuses, plantar warts);
  • initial surgical debridement, suturing and removal of sutures;
  • pyoinflammatory diseases of skin and soft tissues (abscess, furunculus, carbuncle, hydradenitis, whitlow, paronychia);
  • foreign bodies in soft tissues;
  • ingrown nail;
  • outpatient proctology (haemorrhoids of the 1st or 2nd degree, thrombosed haemorrhoidal tumour, acute anal fissure, anal fringes (residual haemorrhoidal markers), hypertrophic anal papilla, anal polyps);
  • lactational mastitis.

We use surgical methods and non-surgical treatment.

Surgical care in Dobrobut clinic chain is provided 24 hours a day. We explain to every patient before a surgical intervention the essence of his/her disease, surgical procedure as easy-to-understand as possible, tell about further treatment.

Our advantages

By contacting us, you can be sure of the high quality of care - our specialists are constantly improving their knowledge in the field of surgery, improving their skills and acting as a team.

Why choose us

  • Professionalism of surgeons and friendliness and empathy of staff
  • Аvailability of a wide range of modern methods: laboratory and instrumental diagnostics
  • Surgical treatment in accordance with progressive world trends

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Outpatient surgery

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